I’m a Celebrity Joel Dommett: Who is the stand-up comedian in the jungle? All you need to know

The comedian and actor is the least well known celeb in the jungle, so here are some surprising facts about the reality TV newcomer.

Joel Dommett was the biggest surprise in this year's I’m a Celebrity lineup.

The actor and comedian is relatively unknown outside of the comedy circuit and hadn’t been on any of the tabloids' rumour lists for the ITV reality show.

If you're still the dark about the stand-up's past, here are some quick facts about the jungle star.

1. He's single, but don't expect a jungle romance

Joel is 31-years-old, single, a professional comedian and admits that he is hoping the show will be an opportunity for people to “get to know who I am”.

“Hopefully, they’ll be aww, he’s nice and I want to marry him”.

However, Dommett insists that he isn’t looking for a reality TV romance.

“I’m not looking to find love in the Jungle. It is an enclosed scenario and I will try not to let feelings be known whilst an entire nation watches you! Otherwise you will get out and be thinking ‘why was I doing that?’.

Joel Dommett

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2. Where have I seen him before?

Although Joel is best known for his work as a stand-up comedian, he’s appeared in numerous TV series in his career so far.

He acted in the hit E4 series Skins as DC Sweeny, was on the panel for entertainment show Bring The Noise and also starred in How To Survive A Disaster and the BBC Three UK version of prank show Impractical Jokers.

3. Comedy Idol

His comedy hero is Tommy Tiernan.

Joel Dommett

4. He's not a good person to start a fight with

One of his stand-up shows was titled Nunchuck Silver Medallist 2002. The reason? Apparently he genuinely won that title.

“When I was a kid, I was obsessed with taekwondo but I was really bad at it. I found myself being really good at nunchucks, because I was such a loner.

“My mum used to call me 'My Little Ninja'. I used to head out into my garden and then I smacked myself in the back of my head with these wooden ones. I remember waking up on the floor, and my mum was stood over me and just said, 'I think my little ninja assassinated himself'.”

5. He lost his job as a presenter on MTV because he was too old.

“They let me go because they said I was too old. And I was like, 'I'm 27!'"

Joking about his age, he added: “I interviewed One Direction, and this is one of the factors of me being too old. I interviewed One Direction and I mentioned the show Fun House, and they were like, 'What's that?'"

“Apparently when you're interviewing five of the most famous teenagers in the entire world for only three minutes, you are not allowed to spend two of those three minutes trying to explain to them who Pat Sharp and the twins are."

Joel Dommett

6. He got his big break in America.

Joel started his stand up career aged on 19 at a bar in LA.

7. He's been caught out in a sex scandal.

After breaking up with a recent girlfriend, the comic was the victim of a catfishing scam.

He was offered an intimimate chat on Skype and Dommett foollishly said 'yes'.

The comic told the BBC: "It turns out I wasn't having Skype sex at all, instead someone was basically watching me watching porn.

I'm a Celebrity airs on ITV at 9pm, the ITV Hub and is available for BT TV viewers in the Catch-Up area of the BT Player.

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