Exclusive Video Interview and Q&A with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry

Psychic to the stars, 21-year-old medium Tyler Henry, chats to us about how he first discovered his gift, his most memorable celebrity encounters and more.

He may be just 21-years-old but California native Tyler Henry has already taken Hollywood by storm, using his medium abilities to earn the impressive title of “Hollywood Medium”.

Discovering he could both communicate with the dead and read others’ futures at a young age; Tyler sat down with and took us through his career beginnings, his favourite readings to date and much more.

Read on to enjoy our exclusive Q&A and video interview with Tyler Henry.

How did this all start? What’s the story behind discovering your gift?

I grew up in a small, conservative town just three hours north of Hollywood, I started doing readings through word of mouth. I believe if you have authentic abilities you shouldn’t have to advertise, so word of mouth spread very quickly, at the age of 16 I actually graduated early to apply to be a hospice nurse, because I knew that I could apply my ability in that way and really help people on a personal level. But when I started going to college and I started doing readings, word of my readings started to spread, and I ultimately had to decide whether to do my homework or do my true calling – which is readings.

Exclusive video with Tyler Henry

Tyler tells us how he first discovered his psychic abilities.

Who was your first celebrity reading?

It was so random actually! It was with the actress Sarah Paulson. She emailed me completely out of nowhere I had no idea it was her, it just said from “Sarah” and I was in complete shock when she answered the phone and she said “Hi this is Sarah Paulson!”

How did that reading go?!

It was incredible! It was over the phone and my hand was shaking the whole time. When I hung up on the phone I realised my palms were completely sweaty. It was a lot!

Can anyone become a medium? Or is it one of those abilities you either have or you don’t?

I think everyone can connect to information and their loved ones. I don’t know if anyone can do a reading for other people, but I do think that we all have an intuition and that if we can follow it we can hone it and it can be used to do a lot of good.


Have you become friends with any of the celebrities you’ve read?

I have! I see Khloe Kardashian pretty regularly, we cross paths a lot.

To date who have you enjoyed doing a reading for the most?

RuPaul! I was just taken aback by meeting him because he was someone that I’d always looked up to and admired. He was a big influence on my life personally. So to be able to affect him in a personal way was such a great honour. I still look back on our reading as a surreal experience!

If you could do a reading on anyone who would it be?

Tilda Swinton would be a great person to a reading on because I think she is such an interesting and fascinating person. To see a personal side to her would be really intriguing. So if you see this Tilda I’d love to do a reading for you!

Have any departed movie stars or celebrities come through in any of your readings?

Absolutely. I’ve done over a 1,000 readings to date now and you will some come through in the new season. For example, I’ll be reading Bobby Brown and there’s obviously the connection with Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina, so that was incredibly emotional.


What’s next for you?

Well I just recently came up with a book called “Between Two Worlds” and I hope to continue writing, by writing a second one. I would love to be able to tour and get to be able to read people who might not be able to afford to go to LA and really just spread my ability and share it as much as I possibly can. I am just so thankful to be in my position and this all started for me for when I was 10 years old so it’s amazing to be where I am today!

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