David Emanuel reveals he wants to style Prince Harry's wedding

Famed British wedding dress designer David Emanuel talks to us about what to expect with Say Yes to the Dress, royal weddings, wedding faux pas and more…

David Emanuel shot to fame when he designed Lady Diana’s sensational wedding dress in 1981. Since then he’s become a mainstay of the British wedding design scene, a runner-up on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and now the star of TLC's (BT TV channel 323/377 HD) latest hit Say Yes to the Dress UK.

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The British take on the long-running American Say Yes to the Dress franchise, the show’s premise centres around David helping everyday brides select the perfect dress for their big day.

To avoid simply being a copycat of the original US show, David says the British version strives to be more down to earth and works with more realistic budgets.


“I think we keep it more real. I give real advice, I dress real women, it’s not just about money, money, money. You won’t see a $20,000 dress on the show…I am a real designer and so when I say this is the dress for you, I’m not just being about the sell, I’m being real and honest.”


David on Meghan Markle

“She would be absolutely delicious to dress, let’s be honest. I love her role in the TV show and if she asked me to design her wedding dress, of course I’d absolutely love to do it.”

A staunch traditionalist

When it comes to weddings, David says he’s a definite traditionalist, and doesn’t like certain emerging wedding trends such as having grooms-women or an extensive number of bridesmaids.

“It’s ridiculous. Never. American weddings might have 50 bridesmaids, 17 escorts etc. and you know it is just ridiculous. If you have the budget and time, carry on. But it’s not very British or traditional.”

He also says the absolute worst faux pas anyone can make as a wedding guest is to turn up in anything cream or white.

“You never want to upstage or look like you’re copying the bride. There’s a rainbow of colours out there - wear any colour you feel like, but never white or cream.”

Wedding quick fire with David


David answered our quick-fire questions about weddings:

Lace or silk? Lace is always romantic.

Pearls or diamonds? Depends on the bride’s character. I prefer pearls but a bride can look sensational with diamonds.

Tiara or flower garland? Darling, always a tiara.

Veil or no veil? I think if you want to be mysterious go for the veil. But I understand equally with no veil. It works either way really. If you want that air of mystery go for a veil.

Heels or flats? Oh, definitely heels.

Matching bridesmaid dresses or mixed? I would do the same colour but different styles.

Say Yes To The Dress UK returns Friday 8th September at 9pm,

Watch TLC on BT TV channel 323/377 HD and BT TV Catch-Up.

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