Michael C Hall’s Safe on Netflix: When is it on? What is it about?

The Dexter actor is now the star of a British thriller on Netflix. Find out the air date, cast and more below…

A brand new British drama is heading to Netflix this month, starring Dexter’s Michael C Hall. Written by renowned crime writer Harlan Coben and BBC’s Come Home writer Danny Brocklehurst, Safe promises to be an exciting eight-part series.

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Here’s all we know about Safe so far:

What is Safe about?

safe on netflix

Safe is the tale of grieving widower Tom (Hall) who is stunned when his teenage daughter disappears from their gated community on the outskirts of London. As he begins a frantic search to find her, mysterious circumstances concerning the night of his wife’s death come to light.

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As the series unfolds, many secrets bubble to the surface, proving that the community his family has chosen to inhabit is far from perfect – and indeed not as safe as he'd thought.

Meet the cast of Safe

Michael C Hall - Tom

michael c hall in safe netflix

Tom is a paediatrician who lost his wife a year ago to cancer. A grieving father of two daughters, they live in an upscale gated community. He has recently embarked on a new relationship, but this is on shaky grounds once his daughter goes mysteriously missing after a night out in their community.

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Michael C Hall is most famous for starring in the quirky serial killer drama Dexter. You may have also spotted him as President Kennedy in series two of The Crown.

Amanda Abbington - Sophie

safe cast netflix

Amanda Abbington plays Sophie in Safe. She is a police officer who helps Tom in his search for his missing child.

Amanda is best known for playing Mary Watson in Sherlock and Miss Mardle in Mr Selfridge.

Marc Warren - Pete

marc warren on safe

Marc plays Pete, Tom’s best friend. Marc’s past roles include playing Bob Flink in Snatch, Rochefort in The Musketeers and Nick Saverese in The Good Wife.

Hannah Arterton, Louis Greatorex, Raj Paul and Joplin Sibtain also star.

When is Safe on Netflix?

All eight episodes of Safe will be available to stream on Netflix from Thursday May 10, 2018.

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