Mr Robot: The best new US drama of the year – 5 reasons you must watch

Christian Slater and Rami Malek are the stars in this incredible Golden Globe-winning show, which has been described by critics as a “modern classic”.

Mr Robot is the most-talked about and highly anticipated new US drama of the year and it finally arrives on UK TV tonight on Universal Channel (BT TV 320).

Starring rising star Rami Malek and Hollywood favourite Christian Slater, Mr Robot is a breathtaking, psychological thrill ride that will leave your head spinning.

Cinematic, compelling and packed full of conspiracies, the series will have you addicted from the opening episode.





Here is Christian Slater’s guide to why Mr Robot is unmissable television:

1. Don’t be fooled – this isn't a show for geeks

Mr Robot

Don’t let the talk of hacking and coding put you off, this is a universal series.

“It’s really about human beings and human interaction and how a lot of people are feeling out there in the world – particularly through Rami Malek’s performance and character,” says Slater.

“He’s playing a very isolated person, someone who’s unable to feel like a ‘normal’ person in society; someone feeling very disenfranchised and frustrated and I think it resonates with a lot of people… “

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2. It’s eerily predicting real world events

All the big stories about computer hacking over the last 12 months were predicted by show creator Sam Esmail.

Slater said: “When we filmed the pilot, [computer hacking] certainly wasn’t a subject matter that was in the zeitgeist. And then, you know, things started to happen in the real world that were reflecting what we were doing on the set.

“I think Sam Esmail has always been a little bit ahead of the curve with his observations, background and knowledge about hacking. I mean this is a world that he certainly had a greater understanding of than I did.

“We finished the pilot, got picked up, and then the Sony hack happened. Everyone was looking at Sam as if he had some sort of crystal ball as to what was happening in the world. “

3. Rami Malek is going to be a star

 Mr Robot

Not many people had heard of Mr Robot’s leading man Rami Malek before the series started, but Slater is certain that everyone will know his name very soon.

“Oh, he’s just the greatest,” said the Hollywood star.

“No question about it. He’s remarkable. I think he’s greatly responsible for the relatability of the show. His performance I feel is mesmerizing. It draws me in when I’m watching the show and it draws me in when I’m working with him.

“His commitment to the show is equal to Sam’s and everyone else’s. He’s just wonderful.”

4. Epic twists

Mr Robot

Mr Robot is the smartest drama on TV right now. Even in an era of dedicated internet forums and hardcore fans on Reddit threads, viewers have been left in the dark about the twists and turns ahead.

“I think as the show started to gather momentum, popularity and attention, the biggest challenge has been just keeping my mouth shut,” laughed Slater.

“For me, it’s been like playing a long poker game.”

5. It stars Christian Slater

Mr Robot

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, True Romance, Broken Arrow; Christian Slater has a very impressive big screen CV.

So what tempted the movie star to become the latest actor to switch to the small screen?

“Honestly, I was very intrigued by it. It was a subject matter that I didn’t know a great deal about and I was fascinated,” said Slater.

“But I was also very curious about the character. I had a lot of questions and so I had a meeting with Sam Esmail (creator), Chad Hamilton (producer) and the pilot director, Niels Arden Opley.

“I threw my arms up in the air and was like, “Yes! Cool!” This isn’t going to be a cookie-cutter show. It was going to be something that you had to pay attention to and there were going to be some interesting twists and turns."

Mr Robot premieres with a feature-length double bill at 9pm on Universal Channel, BT TV 320. It is also available on BT TV catch-up.

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