Discovery’s Expedition Mungo: Five of the world’s most fearsome legends exposed

Bear Grylls’ former cameraman Mungo Mungeam hopes to capture some of the world’s most terrifying creatures on film for the first time.

British cameraman and photographer Paul ‘Mungo’ Mungeam has been filming nature in some of the most extreme and rugged corners of the world for over 20 years. He was even Bear Grylls’ cameraman for years on the survival expert’s hugely successful show Man vs Wild.

Throughout Mungo’s travels, he’s heard many legends from the locals, from snakes that can kill entire villages to evil an monkey-man that scratches its victims at night, he’s just about heard it all.

While at first he assumed these was simply folklore, the more he travelled and the wilder the stories he was told, he began to wonder if maybe there was some truth in these legends.

Now armed with a production team, Mungo is the star of his very own show Expedition Mungo, and is determined to capture these legendary creatures on camera for the very first time.

Here’s just a few of the creatures that he’ll be investigating:

A people-eating snake

Villagers in a remote region of Peru claim that a 150-foot-long snake has been terrorising their lands for centuries. They claim that it is capable of wiping out entire villages and is able to swallow adults whole. Mungo sets out to decipher whether this is simply an exaggerated tale of an anaconda or if something far more terrifying is at play.

An Indian ‘monkey-man’

In 2001 Delhi, India was terrorised by a monster – a monkey-man of Delhi to be exact. There were widespread reports of a monkey-like creature apparently wearing a helmet that would attack people at random at night time.

Various people came forward claiming they had been scratched or even bitten by this sinister creature. There were even reports of people leaping to their deaths as they tried to outrun the monkey-man.

Mungo will head over to Delhi’s inner-city communities to talk to monkey-man’s alleged victims and finds out once for all whether there really is such a thing or its simply another case of mass media hysteria.

A living dinosaur

Crocodiles walked the earth with the dinosaurs, and are one of the few creatures to have survived the mysterious events that triggered the demise of the giant reptiles.

However, communities in the swamplands of Liberia claim there is a dinosaur-like creature still at large - a species of giant crocodile that is claiming the lives of dozens of locals.

They say the crocodile is far bigger than the typical Liberian crocodile and has ferocious dinosaur-like features. While Mungo wonders whether this could simply be a case of mistaken identity, he’s keen to get to the bottom of the case.

A South American squatch

We’ve all heard about the Bigfoot who supposedly roams the western US and the Himalayan Yeti, but did you know that squatches – mysterious, monkey-like creatures - have been sighted all over the world – including in South America?

Mungo goes in pursuit of one squatch who is rumoured to live in the foothills of the Andes.

While some locals dismiss this legend as simply being a bear, others claim it is akin to a yeti and has superhuman strength. Mungo hopes to get to the bottom of the debate, and is excited about capturing the squatch on camera for the first time.

To catch Mungo’s investigations, tune into Discovery’s Expedition Mungo Tuesday September 12 at 8pm BT Channel 322/HD 376.

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