Total Bellas Series 2: WWE superstar Nikki Bella spills the secrets

WWE superstar Nikki Bella tells us what dramas we can expect - in and out of the ring - in the second season of her hit E! series.

She’s one half of WWE megastars Bella Twins with sister Brie Bella and one half of a WWE power couple with wrestling legend John Cena.

Although she's been on the WWE scene for the last decade, it wasn't until E!’s 2013 hit reality show Total Divas, featuring female WWE stars, that Nikki and Brie Bella became household names.

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Now they’re the stars of their very own E! show, Total Bellas, the second series of which is about to drop on E!

We spoke to the lovely Nikki Bella about the upcoming series and here’s what she told us would be going on:

1. There will be plenty of family drama

the bella twins

A twins, best friends and business partners, Brie and Nikki are naturally incredibly close, but so are the rest of their immediate family. Nikki promises us there will be no shortage of family drama in series two.

“Total Bellas really goes there with the family drama and is very real. I will say with the Bella family: when it rains it pours!

You are going to learn a lot more about my mum. She hid a lot of things from us as kids. My mum had me and my sister at 19 and my brother at 21 and this season she just breaks it down how hard it was to be a mom at such a young age.

"It is weird to be a 33-year-old woman and think: 'oh my gosh I could have a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old now!' My mum really opens up about that.

"Right when we began filming my brother and his wife separated. And I will admit the executive producer in me was like: 'Well, you guys have to do the show and showcase this! You need to understand a lot of people your age do get married young and separate young, like it is a big thing that is happening in the world.'

"They allowed us to showcase it. It was very tough on them, but I think so many people are going to be able to relate to it and anyone who is on the couch - male or female of any age - will relate to someone in the Bella family; they’ll identify with a major situation or theme that they’re also going through.”

2. The birth of Brie’s first child will be filmed

Brie’s twin sister Brie is married to retired WWE star Daniel Bryan, and the pair welcomed their first child, daughter Birdie Joe Danielson, in May 2017 – and the E! cameras were there to capture the whole thing.

“Brie let the camera in when she gave birth to little Birdie and she had a very crazy labour. I feel like this season you are literally going to feel the emotions jump through the screen. You are going to cry, you are going to laugh, you are going to feel a lot of things!”

3. An injury puts Nikki’s WWE career in jeopardy

We’ll see Nikki suffer a devastating neck injury in WWE that puts her wrestling career in jeopardy – retirement from the ring will even be discussed.

However, Nikki told us she tried to find light during her painful recovery by focusing on other potential career paths – which has already led to some exciting projects.

“When I suffered my neck injury it opened up my mind to a lot of things. I think sometimes when people go through a major injury they think life is over but for me it just opened my eyes to more opportunities that I could focus on..." Nikki said.

4. Brie and Nikki’s latest entrepreneurial endeavours

nikki bella

Brie and Nikki are far from just being pretty faces with extraordinary wrestling skills! They’re also budding entrepreneurs and this series of Total Bellas will follow their business journey.

Nikki told us we’ll see them in the early stages of setting up their latest ventures, Birdie Bee (a clothing line) and Belle Radici Wines, on the show:

“I’ve always loved travel and fashion, and Birdie Bee gives me the opportunity to explore both. I have explored just about every winery in Napa Valley and I drink so much wine that it just makes sense for me to get into the wine business.

"I’ve learned more about wine that I could imagine and so I always want to get back into that ring but I love being an entrepreneur and it allows me to grow as a woman and challenge myself; I can be challenged by people that are smarter than me every day.”

5. The lead-up to Nikki’s epic proposal

nikki cena proposal

If you’re a Bella Twins or John Cena fan you’ve likely seen John’s remarkable in-the-WWE proposal to Nikki.

Nikki says we’ll see all the exciting lead-up to the proposal and how Brie and friends snuck behind her back to make sure the surprise proposal went off without a hitch.

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She also dropped a few hints about the details of their upcoming nuptials:

“I’m very bad about wedding planning! It will be a very long engagement. We have set a date but we haven’t announced it, and I have found my dress - so now I just have to do everything in between.

"My wedding planners keep on calling me and I’m like 'yeah let’s do next week' but then of course it gets busy and next week becomes the week after and so on. But we do want to get married within a year.”

Total Bellas returns on September 10 at 6pm only on E!, BT Channel 321/HD 386

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