Only Fools And Horses lost episode airs on TV for the first time

The episode was designed to be screened in science lessons, to teach students about crude oil.

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Last updated:12 September 2017 - 11.30am

A previously lost episode of Only Fools And Horses will be aired for the first time next month.

Only Fools And Horses: Licensed To Drill was shot in 1984 as an educational special produced for British schools.

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It was filmed to be shown in science lessons, to teach students about crude oil.

Only Fools And Horses (PA)

Only Fools And Horses (PA)

Set in the Trotter living room in Peckham’s Mandela House, Del Boy reveals his new get-rich-quick scheme – extracting “our own black gold” from an oil rig he has snapped up for the bargain price of £400.

“We just lay low in our boat for a while and we wait for one of the big oil companies to move off the oil field and then we whip in a bit lively and use their hole,” he says.

Licensed To Drill, which will air on Gold, features the final TV appearance of Lennard Pearce as Grandad.

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Del Boy's three-wheeler van (PA)
Del Boy’s three-wheeler van (PA)

The Story Of Only Fools And Horses also features out-takes from the show and interviews with the cast.

John Quinn, executive producer for TV production company North One, said: “Thanks to the late (Only Fools creator) John Sullivan’s family, we have access to some exclusive behind-the-scenes material. Driven by first-hand insights and anecdotes by many of those who were there.”

The unseen footage will be shown in The Story Of Only Fools And Horses – a six-part series, which airs Tuedays at 8pm/

Licensed To Drill will air in the final episode on October 3rd.

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