Peppa Pig: 5 reasons adults love the show as much as kids

To celebrate the release of Peppa Pig: Gerald Giraffe on BT TV Store, we explore why the animated smash hit is as popular with big kids as little ones.

Peppa Pig is back with a series of fun new adventures and she’s got a new friend by her side.

Peppa Pig: Gerald Giraffe is available to buy on BT TV Store and it will have the pink pig’s millions of young fans giddy with excitement.

And the truth is that it won’t just be children who are looking forward to a new collection of Peppa stories. The secret of Peppa Pig's success is that parents love it as much as kids and are just as likely to demand "one more episode".

Here are five reasons big kids love Peppa Pig:

1. Daddy Pig

Peppa Pig

Voiced by the larger-than-life Richard Ridings, Daddy Pig is a hero for father's everywhere.

The butt of nearly all the jokes on the show, his cheery demeanor and unshakable confidence in his ability to take on any challenge despite his size and age is a source of many subtle – and some not so subtle - jokes for parents.

Daddy Pig’s clumsy and accident-prone nature and love affair with homemade chocolate cake is something all adults can get on board with. Meanwhile, his ability to keep chuckling through all the comments about his smelly socks and “big fat tummy” is in inspiration for any parent on the slightly chunkier side.

Whether he’s getting a real bird to get out of the way of the TV so he can watch a nature documentary during a Pig family camping trip or struggling with Sat Navs and foreign languages, most parents will agree that there’s a little bit of Daddy Pig in all of us.

2. Life Lessons

Don’t be fooled by her cheeky smile and bright colours. Peppa Pig isn’t just entertainment for young children.

Peppa Pig packs in useful life lessons for youngsters that parents will forever be grateful. From how to deal with falling out with best friends to a first trip to the dentist, parents have found Peppa a useful ally in tricky situations.

The fact your kids will forever more want to jump in muddy puddles is a small price to pay in return.

3. It's incredibly honest

Peppa Pig

Peppa falls out her friends, her baby brother George often cries, Daddy pig constantly gets things wrong and the family trips and adventures never run smoothly.

The show is a relief for all parents who fear that they are the only ones who can’t organize a sensible family holiday and not end up covered in mud during a trip to the park. The show’s honesty is a refreshing antidote to the everyday pressures of parenting.

4. Sibling love

Any parent with more than one child will be aware of the potential problems that brings – arguments, jealousy, fighting.

Peppa Pig doesn’t pretend it’s all a bed of roses – Peppa often makes her baby brother George cry – but any young boys or girls about to become older siblings could learn a lot from the pig siblings.

Peppa and George have different lives, interests and toys (teddy bears and dinosaur!), but they love each other and cause twice as much mischief when they work together as a double act.

5. The fantastic voice cast

Peppa Pig

Playing ‘guess the actor’ is a great game for parents enjoying a Peppa session with their children. Morwenna Banks and Richard Ridings provide the cheery and chuckling oinks of Mummy and Daddy Pig, but there are lots of other familiar voices who pop up in cameos.

A booming Brian Blessed regularly steals the show as Grampy Rabbit and Pointless host Alexander Armstrong is also a frequent guest as seas captain Daddy Dog.  From Doctor Who legend David Graham’s Grandpa Pig to Sarah Ann Kennedy’s Del Boy-esque jobaholic Miss Rabbit, the voice cast is always sparkling.

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