Release the beast: 5 reasons you'll be hooked on Ultimate Beastmaster

Elite athletes from six countries around the globe battle it out in the toughest challenge on television. Here’s everything you need to know about the crazy world of Ultimate Beastmaster.

Last updated: 28 February 2017 - 02.43pm

Tough-as-nails competitors from around the world, a jaw-dropping assault course, Sylvester Stallone as executive producer and this year’s best show title…

1. It’s brought to you by Netflix. That’s always a mark of quality. Having produced a string of award-winning, critically acclaimed dramas and documentaries, this is Netflix’s first foray into the world of competition.

2. Sylvester Stallone is executive producer. Obviously, Sly knows a thing or two about delivering action and entertainment. He describes this show as the ‘ultimate battle of man versus beast.’ And we believe him.

3. The drama. Contestants enter through the jaws of a huge, 85ft, mechanical beast to take on a series of suitably insane physical challenges.

4. The Beast. This is the appropriately named assault course the competitors take on. The show’s producer, Dave Broome, says, ‘I’m excited for viewers to see extraordinary men and women from around the world try and tackle this amazing physical course in the guise of a jaw-dropping modern monster – The Beast.’ Be afraid.

5. The competitors are medal-grade. They include an Olympic gold swimming winner, a five-time climbing champion and a professional ice-climber. It’s an international competition, with tough-as-they-come athletes from the US, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and South Korea in the first world-spanning game show of its kind.

All 10 episodes of Ultimate Beastmaster, season 1, are available on Netflix

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