Reverie – Meet the cast and characters of the Syfy show

Who do you need to know in the addictive new thriller series?

You’re sure to be hooked on Syfy’s latest series from the very first episode – Reverie will be impossible to get out of your head once you start watching.

The show follows tech firm Onira-tech's new invention, an incredibly realistic virtual reality called Reverie which is so beloved by its users that they refuse to leave the game even though it is leaving their real-life bodies in a critical state.

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Step forward Mara Kint, a human behaviour expert with a dark past of her own, who is recruited to save the addicted players.

Find out more about Mara and her colleagues with our cast guide to Reverie.

Mara Kint (played by Sarah Shahi)

Former hostage negotiator Mara is an expert in human behaviour, and when her ex boss offers her a lucrative new role at the tech firm he’s become head of security for, she can’t resist the unusual challenge.

Mara’s job is to go into the Reverie game and convince its addicted users to leave their virtual reality so that they can rejoin the real world.

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But Mara is struggling with her own demons – she lost her sister and niece in a tragedy that also spelled the end of her career. The further she goes into Reverie, the more her past haunts her.

Sarah Shahi, who plays Mara, is known for her previous starring roles in The L Word, Fairly Legal, and Chicago Fire.

Charlie Ventana (Dennis Haysbert)

Mara’s former boss has found a new career as head of security at Onira-tech – but when the scale of the virtual reality problem becomes apparent, he knows there’s only one woman up to the job of sorting things out.

Charlie is played by Dennis Haysbert, who has starred in 24, The Unit, and films Ted and Ted 2.

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Alexis Barrett (Jessica Lu)

The genius mind behind Reverie and Onira-tech is Alexis, a young entrepreneur who has created an incredible virtual reality – the only problem is, it’s a little too good.

Alexis isn’t living quite such charmed a life as it first seems. She’s made some serious enemies on her path to success and there’s a hidden tragedy behind her lifelike, omnipresent virtual office assistant.

Jessica Lu, who plays Alexis, is known for her work on Awkward, Disjointed, and American Horror Story.

Paul Hammond (Sendhil Ramamurthy)

Providing the “dream science” behind Onira-tech is onierologist Paul, who’s obsessive about his job and making sure that the Reverie experience runs smoothly.

He and Mara are initially suspicious of each other, but grow closer as the series develops.

Viewers will recognise Sendhil Ramamurthy from the TV series Heroes, Heroes Reborn, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Covert Affairs, and The Office.

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Monica Shaw (Kathryn Morris)

Onira-tech is supported by mysterious venture capitalist Monica Shaw – where has her interest in virtual reality come from, what does she stand to lose, and where is her relationship with Charlie going?

Kathryn Morris is best known for her work on drama series Cold Case and has appeared in films A.I., Minority Report, Moneyball, As Good as it Gets, and Jerry Maguire.

Reverie launches on August 2 at 9pm on SYFY, launching with a double bill.

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