From Good Time to Twilight: Robert Pattinson’s best roles

Take a look at some of the former teen heartthrob’s greatest roles.

Robert Pattinson is already being tipped or Oscar success in 2018 with his hugely entertaining heist film Good Time.

The American indie premiered at the London Film Festival and has turned upside down expectations of audiences who still know Pattinson best for his teen vampire smash Twilight.

Ahead of the release of Good Time in Curzon Cinemas - available to BT TV customers in the BT TV Store - we look back at some of the former teen star's greatest roles.

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1. Good Time

robert pattinson

Looking absolutely nothing like his former pretty boy, floppy haired teen megastar self, Robert plays a down and out amateur criminal, Constantine aka “Connie” in New York. Persuading his mentally challenged brother Nick to help him rob a bank for $65,000.

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When the heist goes haplessly wrong, Nick is arrested while Constantine manages to escape. Using some of the stolen money to get Nick out of jail, Constantine is determined to stop his brother from going to Riker’s Island prison.

Pattinson has been tipped for an Oscar nomination for his incredible performance in this critically acclaimed film.

Good Time is available on BT TV Store and in Curzon Cinemas from Friday, November 17th.

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twilight movie

We couldn’t do a round-up of Robert Pattinson movies without including the Twilight films. While the vampire franchise may have been far from a critics darling, the movies did launch Pattinson into mega stardom and pave the way for his more advanced roles.

Spanning five movies and based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer, the films grossed an incredible $3.3 billion at the box office. In the Twilight movies, Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, a telepathic vampire who falls in love with non-vampire Bella Swan (played by Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart). She is one of the few he is unable to read, and yet her blood smells irresistibly sweet. Bella falls for him too, but to be with him fully, she must eventually succumb to becoming a vampire herself.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

harry potter

Three years before Twilight catapulted Robert Pattinson onto the A-list, he got his first taste of the big time when he played Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter movie.

Cedric is a popular student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a member of Hufflepuff House. As captain of the Hufflepuff he is selected to compete alongside Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament. While we don’t want to give too much away, Cedric's participation in the competition has a truly shocking result, but one that ultimately helps Harry in his battle with the evil Voldemort.

The movie is one of the best received out of all the Harry Potter films and made almost $900 million at the box office. While Pattinson didn't have a starring role, he did prove that he could hold his own in a star-studded ensemble.

Water for Elephants

water for elephants

Water for Elephants, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Sara Gruen, starred Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

A box office success, it tells the story of veterinary student Jacob (Pattinson) who takes a job at a travelling circus as an animal caretaker and falls in love with beautiful circus performer Marlena (Witherspoon). The two take pity on Rosie, an elephant who is being abused by Marlena’s sadistic husband August (Waltz). A love triangle ensues as well as a tragic circus accident…

As one of Pattinson’s first breakout out roles outside of the Twilight franchise, he proved himself capable of starring in the historical drama genre and performing against big time, much older players such as Witherspoon and Waltz.



Pattinson typically plays the nice guy, but in Cosmopolis, his character Eric Packer is as a hard-nosed Wall Street tycoon who, as he senses his empire about to fall, takes a life-changing limo ride across Manhattan to get a haircut from his father’s old barber.

Eerie, surreal and quite arthouse-esque, this movie may have not been a hit, but it did allow Pattinson to portray a darker character than we’d ever seen before. What’s more, the film was nominated for multiple awards, taking home several for best original score. 

Image credits: Curzon/PA/REX

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