Fear the Walking Dead season 3B - AMC – September 11, 9pm - BT Channel 322/381 HD

kim dickens fear the walking dead

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 3 finally arrives and both stars and showrunner have promised that it will be wilder and gorier than ever before. At the end of the mid-season finale we saw rival groups Broke Jaw Ranch and The Nation unite, but given the extremely unpleasant circumstances which forged this union we can only expect plenty more drama, disarray and factions to come in this gripping zombie apocalypse drama.

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Halt and Catch Fire season 1 - AMC – September 5, 9pm – BT Channel 322/381 HD

halt and catch fire amc

Halt and Catch Fire dramatises the technology revolution from the PC boom of the 1980s up to the dotcom bust of the 90s. Series 1 takes place in Silicon Prairie, Texas and follows the story of a visionary, a prodigy and an engineer who each are trying to carve out their own slice of the tech industry pie. Highly praised for its slick and dark storytelling, Halt and Catch Fire could be the technology world’s answer to AMC’s Mad Men.

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South Park Season 21 - Comedy Central (No confirmed date yet) - BT Channel 308/370 HD

The crazy kids of South Park are back. While last season focused primarily on the 2016 US election and President Trump, the show’s creators have said that this new season will be focusing more on what made the show so famous to begin with – the kids. We’ll see stories about the hilarious shenanigans of Eric, Kenny, Kyle and Stan, though there will still be a high-profile celebrity voice guest or two.

Private Eyes Season 2 - Universal Channel - September 4, 9pm – BT Channel 320/385 HD

private eye series two

We saw Canadian ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade (Jason Priestley) and PI Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) form a unlikely partnership in the first season of Private Eyes. The new series promises to take on various new challenging cases in around Toronto – including shady hip hop clashes, dodgy horse racing deals and of course plain old murder.

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Ed Stafford: Left For Dead - Discovery Channel – September 14 – BT Channel 322/376 HD

Discovery’s tough guy survivalist Ed Stafford is back in his new show Ed Stafford: Left for Dead. The exciting series will see him dropped off at various remote locations around the world with nothing but a camera and the clothes on his back. Putting his survivalist skills to the hardest test yet, viewers will see how he manages to claw out of the wilderness and back to civilisation.

Say Yes to the Dress UK - TLC – September 8 - BT Channel 323/377 HD

david emanuel

UK versions of hit US reality shows don’t always work, but Say Yes to the Dress UK has been a runaway success, and is now returning for its third season. David Emanuel will be back too, and ready to give his straightforward but highly regarded advice to upcoming brides.

The Davina Hour - September 4 – W – BT Channel 311/383 HD

the davina hour

She’s been a staple of British television for the last two decades and now Davina McCall is hosting her very own show which promises to empower and inspire. Each episode sees Davina tackle an important and relatable issue and interview people who have been directly affected.

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Year Million - National Geographic – September 2 - BT Channel 317/373 HD

year million nat geo

Where will be in the Year Million? Will we still be living on Earth? Will robots have taken over? And could we have finally made contact with aliens? National Geographic’s thought provoking new documentary series Year Million explores all of this and more with the help of various academic and scientific experts.

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Strictly Come Dancing - BBC One – September 9

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, the chances are you’re more than aware of the cultural phenomenon that is Strictly Come Dancing. Back for its eye-popping 15th season and contestants this year include Mollie King, Ruth Langsford, Debbie McGee and Joseph McFadden. Who will have dance prowess, who will epically fail on the dancefloor and perhaps most importantly which relationship will be torn apart by an in-show romance? Only time will tell!

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Doctor Foster - BBC One - September 5

doctor foster bbc one

We last saw Suranne Jones in Doctor Foster back in 2015, where she seemed to have the perfect life as an affluent GP, wife and mother to a young son only for all of this to be turned on its head when she discovered her husband was having a torrid affair with her friend’s daughter. Series two will pick off where it left off, with Doctor Foster writer Mike Bartlett teasing that in this new series “no-one comes through hell unscathed”.

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