Ryan Gosling: 7 things you never knew about the Blade Runner 2049 star

From The Notebook to Driver, Gosling has starred in some of the best films of the 00s. Get to know the star of the Blade Runner sequel a little better.

Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling stars alongside Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049 when it hits cinemas this autumn.

The highly anticipated sequel is already winning huge critical acclaim and is an early tip for Oscars success in 2019.

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As well as featuring in the sequel to the 80s adaptation of Philip K Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, Gosling is known for his roles in musical La La Land, tearjerker The Notebook, gangland thriller Only God Forgives, and heavy marital drama Blue Valentine.

But how much do you know about the actor outside of his film career? We discover the man behind the box office hits.

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He grew up as a Mormon

Gosling was raised in a Mormon family, but hasn’t stuck to the religion as an adult. He told website Beliefnet: “I wasn't really Mormon, my parents were. My mom was really cool. She said, ‘This is an option, but this isn't the only option. This is an idea, but this isn’t the only idea. You have to find your own truth.’ I never really could identify with it. There's good things about going to church... You have to pray in public, shake a lot of hands, talk in public, sing in church, stuff like that. It has definitely stayed with me.”

He also told The Guardian: “My mother admits it: She says, you were raised by a religious zealot. She's different now, but at the time, it was a part of everything - what they ate, how they thought.”

He was bullied as a child

Ryan Gosling

You may think that being a huge Hollywood star means having lead a charmed existence since birth, but Gosling reckons his popularity came much later in life.

The Half Nelson star revealed that he was in and out of trouble all the time at school, fighting and being bullied. His mother eventually decided to homeschool him for a year.

In an interview with The Guardian, he said: “I hated being a kid. I didn't like being told what to do, I didn't like my body, I didn't like any of it. Being a kid and playing and all that stuff just drove me nuts.”

Justin Timberlake’s mum took him in

Ryan Gosling

Gosling’s big break came at a very early age, when he successfully auditioned to be one of the Disney Channel’s child star group The Mickey Mouse Club.

It was a bumper year for budding performers, as he was in the same intake as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Becoming a Mouseketeer meant moving from his home in Canada to Florida at the age of 12, so Timberlake’s mum moved him in and became his legal guardian during his second year on the show.

He’s in a band called Dead Man's Bones

Ryan Gosling

Multi-talented Gosling showed off his singing skills in La La Land, but if you want to hear more of his musical abilities then track down the self-titled album from his indie rock band Dead Man’s Bones.

He formed the group in 2007 with his friend Zach Shields, who was dating his then-girlfriend Rachel McAdams’ sister Kayleen.

Originally, they wanted to put on a monster-themed musical but, hampered by costs, they recorded an album instead.

Dead Man’s Bones went on tour in 2009 around North America, featuring local children’s choirs at every gig and opening each date with a talent show. Gosling has said he hopes to record a second Dead Man’s Bones album – we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he finds the time.

He's serious about charity work

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner

The big-hearted star is known for his charity work, volunteering for a range of good causes.

A lot of the projects he has thrown his weight behind have been in Africa – he has visited Darfur refugee camps, travelled to Uganda and eastern Congo, and is a supporter of Invisible Children Inc which raises awareness about the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa.

Gosling has also worked with PETA on campaigns to improve chicken slaughter methods used by KFC and McDonald’s factories and to stop dairy farms de-horning cows.

He’s the face of male feminists

As if Hollywood stardom weren’t enough, Gosling has also become an internet hit thanks to a series of memes displaying his feminist credentials.

He’s said in various interviews that he considers women to be stronger and more evolved than men, explaining that growing up with his mother and sister influenced his views.

Fans will be familiar with the Hey Girl memes that show Gosling next to a feminist caption, something that he has embraced.
Gosling also featured in another moment of internet stardom with the Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal Vines, where creator.

Ryan McHenry would hold a spoonful of cereal up to a TV screen of one of the actor’s films, showing him to appear to push it away. When McHenry died, Gosling recorded his own tribute by filming himself eating a bowl of cereal.
That’s not his real accent

Ever struggled to place exactly where it is that the Canadian’s accent hails from?

Despite growing up in Ontario, it’s not the lilt of his hometown that you’re hearing. Gosling apparently decided early in life that he didn’t sound tough enough, and so changed his accent accordingly.

He settled on something akin to what Marlon Brando sounded like, which explains why it’s so unusual.

Ryan Gosling In Blade Runner 2049

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Blade Runner 2049 is released in cinemas on October 5th.

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