Sandra Bullock: The Hollywood star’s five greatest movies

Minions is available to buy in BT Store now and to celebrate its release, we’re looking back at the career of one of the film’s voice stars – Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock morphed from America’s sweetheart to the ultimate super-villain for 2015 box office smash Minions.

The much-loved actress was turned into the devilish Scarlet Overkill for the Despicable Me spinoff, based around the origins of the super cute and phenomenally popular yellow creatures.

Minions is now available to buy and rent in BT Store and we’re celebrating the release by looking back at the many highs of Bullock’s big screen career.

Sandra Bullock in Minions

1. Miss Congeniality (Available in BT Store now)

Released in 2000, this warm-hearted comedy romp brought out the best in Bullock as it allowed her to bring together her strongest acting assets - butt-kicking action, warm-hearted comedy and girl-next-door appeal.

Its popularity continues to grow years after its release as despite a lukewarm critical reception, it’s grown to become something of a cult classic that fans are able to quote line for line.

2. Speed (Available in BT Store now)

Apparently Ellen DeGeneres was originally considered for the role of Annie Porter, but Bullock was brought in when the role shifted from being comedic sidekick to action-star co-lead. It was a wise decision, because it’s hard to imagine anyone else as the hero/romantic interest for Keanu Reeve’s unflappable Jack Traven.

One of the biggest box office smashes of 1994, the movie inspired endless spoofs and imitations, but the original is still a classic and the best.

3. The Blind Side  (Available in BT Store now)

This moving semi-biographical film in 2009 earned Bullock an Oscar and cemented her position as one of Hollywood’s go-to leading stars.

The story about the transformation of ‘Big Mike’ Oher from foster care home resident to American football star earned Bullock huge critical praise as she took on the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, the mum who adopted Big Mike and watched his life turn around.

4. The Heat  (Available in BT Store now)

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy revitalized the buddy movie genre in this laugh out loud 2013 cop comedy.

Making a big splash at the box office, Bullock was the perfect tough woman foil as Sarah Ashburn for the rebellious and foul-mouthed Shannon Mullins (McCarthy).

5. Crash  (Available in BT Store now)

This 2004 Oscar-winning movie about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles, California featured an incredible ensemble cast including Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito and Brendan Fraser.

Bullock stood out among the A-listers and the movie packed a punch that is just as powerful over a decade on from its release.

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Minions is available to buy and rent on BT Store now.

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