Sense8: Who’s who in the compelling sci-fi series?

What if you were suddenly telepathically linked to seven strangers? Meet Netflix’s Sensates ahead of season 2.

Last updated: 11 May 2017 - 1.41pm

The Wachowski sisters’ sci-fi drama tells the story of eight strangers scattered across the globe. When one day they all experience a tragic death through what they think is a series of dreams or visions, their lives become interconnected mentally and emotionally. The ‘Sensates’ start to telepathically communicate with each other, picking up each other’s languages and skills.

Season one introduced us to the eclectic ensemble that includes an Icelandic DJ, a Korean kickboxer, a trans computer hacker from San Francisco and a bus driver in Nairobi.

Intrigued? Get to know the eight Sensates ahead of watching season two, when they reconvene in response to a looming metaphysical threat.

Who are the Sensates?


Brian J Smith (Origins, Gossip Girl) stars as Chicago policeman Will, who’s haunted by an unsolved murder his father was assigned to.


Tuppence Middleton (War & Peace, The Imitation Game) plays Riley, an Icelandic DJ whose troubled past led her to run away to London, where she wound up in the drugs trade.


Jamie Clayton stars as trans-woman Nomi, a hacktivist (a computer hacker motivated by a political cause) living in San Francisco with her girlfriend, Amanita.


Tina Desai is a pharmacist working in Mumbai who married the son of her company’s CEO, although she doesn’t love him. 


Miguel Ángel Silvestre stars as Adonis-like telenovela star Lito, who lives in Mexico City. He’s in love with another man, but refuses to come out to avoid hurting his career.


Max Riemelt plays a hardened locksmith-turned-jewel thief of Russian descent living in Berlin. Will his feelings for Kala continue into season 2?


In Toby Onwumere’s acting debut, he plays a matatu driver in Nairobi who’s a passionate fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme (he even names his bus the ‘Van Damme’). He’s trying to earn money to buy AIDS medicine for his mother.


Doona Bae is Sun, a burgeoning star in the underground kickboxing world and a chief financial officer living in Seoul.

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