Shed some light on the mysterious Dark Matter

Androids, asteroids and amnesia collide in season 2 of this suspenseful sci-fi action thriller from the minds behind Stargate SG-1.

Ever woken up in a strange place with no memory? Well, as Dark Matter’s intrepid heroes discovered last season, it can be more complicated than a city-centre walk of shame.

Coming to on a mysterious starship full of weapons, the mismatched crew of amnesiacs formed fragile alliances as they sought to discover their true identities. After an unexpected betrayal, this scattered group of scoundrels must somehow regroup to fight their most dangerous enemy yet.

This is sci-fi action at its best, packed with complex characters, stunning special effects and inter-planetary peril.

Catch the second season of Dark Matter on SyFy channel 319, Mondays at 8pm.

Snatch – coming to BT TV

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