Spring Break with Grandad – 5 reasons to watch: Your guide to the most outrageous new show on TV

Geordie Shore meets Benidorm in this new reality series, which features wild youngsters forced to party with their grandparents in tow.

A new MTV series about six party animals going wild in Cancun sounds like a fairly familiar format.

However, unlike the boozy bust-ups and bed-hopping of Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach, this new show has a septuagenarian twist.

The six contestants on MTV's Spring Break with Grandad (BT TV channel 309/371 HD) are joined in the sunshine by one of their grandparents. Will they still be willing to party hard as grandpa or grandma watches on? And how will they feel if nanny or granddad turns out to be a bigger party animal than them?

Here are five reasons you need to watch this outrageous new show:

1. Cringe-tastic TV

Spring Break with Grandad

Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore are TV phenomenon, pulling in millions of viewers with their X-rated behaviour and no-holds view of partying in the 21st century.

However, Spring Break with Grandad turns the format on its head as the six colourful characters are forced to suddenly reconsider their ‘necking on’ antics.

Ploughing through shots of alcohol and late night skinny-dipping doesn’t seem so funny if you’ve got to chat with granny about it over your cornflakes the next day.

Trust us; you haven’t seen a dirty look until you’ve seen a girl’s granddad meet the man who snogged her face off the night before.

2. Grandparents know to how to party

Life looks like it might actually have begun at 60 for some of these grandparents in Cancun.

Happy to flash the flesh, pile through the booze and flirt like teenagers, these aren’t the traditional bus-pass collecting pensioners, viewers will have been expecting.

At a time when the older generation are often neglected by TV and marginalised, Spring Break with Grandad shows that the Over-60s can be just as wild and entertaining as any teenager – in fact, some of them even end up making the young holiday-makers look timid in comparison.

3. Battle of the generations

Dirty Grandpa - The movie inspiration for the series

(Zac Efron and Robert De Niro's Dirty Grandpa was the inspiration for the series)

Imagine the bed-swapping and cat-fights of Geordie Shore with grandparents thrown in as mediators. Unsurprisingly, Spring Break with Grandad showcases a divide in the generations about what’s acceptable behaviour and what crosses the line.

Expect some serious clashes as families and different generations go head-to-head to prove who is the biggest party animal.

4. Gaz from Geordie Shore

Viewers waiting for the new series of Geordie Shore later this year can get their fill of Gaz Beadle action in Spring Break with Grandad as the veteran MTV party animal is our host and guide for the series.

Gaz is the judge and jury over the standard of ‘partying’ on the show and has the right to kick off anyone who doesn’t cut the mustard.

The reality TV star isn’t totally let off the hook either as his own granddad, 85-year-old Raymond was invited to Cancun to enjoy his first experience of shot-downing and pool parties.

Gaz’s granddad had no idea what he was letting himself in for on the trip and was shocked to find women downing pints and that nights out didn’t end with a polite goodbye and a kiss on the cheek.

5. It's the most outrageous show of 2017

In episode one alone there are stripping granddads, shared massages for grandmas and granddaughters and some of the most explicit dance moves we’ve ever seen.

Spring Break with Grandad is naughty, shocking and jaw-dropping TV.

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Spring Break with Grandad airs on Mondays at 10pm on MTV, BT TV channel 309/371.

It is also available for BT TV customers on BT TV Catch-Up.



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Photo Credit: Rex Features/MTV

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