Comedy Central: 5 stand-up stars you must watch this summer

Get ready for the Edinburgh Festival with these rib-tickling rising stars on Comedy Central.

Forget about the sunshine and summer holidays, summer in 2017 is all about stand-up.

As the world’s best comics prepare to descend on the Edinburgh Festival, Comedy Central (BT TV 307/370 HD) is showcasing some of the brightest and best new talents on the circuit.

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New series Soho Theatre Live features the most hilarious, diverse and thought provoking stand-up shows, filmed at the famous intimate London venue.

Here are five must-watch comics to keep an eye out for across August.

1. Dane Baptiste

The first black British act to be nominated for a Fosters Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dane has been described as a “comical genius” by critics.

Original and provocative, you may have seen him already on TV in his BBC Three sitcom Sunny D.

He sold out two runs at the Soho Theatre with is Citizen Dane show, so now is the perfect chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

Watch the award-winning Dane Baptiste on Wednesday, August 9th on Soho Theatre Live.



2. Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar

He’s recently been hosting BBC satire show The Mash Report and the critically acclaimed comic looks destined to crossover from the fringe to mainstream.

Kumar’s warm and razorsharp humour makes him a perfect fit for TV, so you can expect to see a lot more of him in 2017 and beyond.

However, don’t miss out on this chance to find out where it all began – the stand-up stage with just a microphone and some very funny jokes.

Watch Nish Kumar on Soho Theatre Live on Wednesday, August 2nd on Soho Theatre Live.

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3. Richard Gadd

Gadd caused a stir last year with his Monkey See Monkey Do show, which earned him the Edinburgh Comedy Award.

Genre-bending, dark, original and often brutal in its honesty, Gadd isn’t like anybody else on the stage right now.

He’s also had a breakthrough in acting, starring alongside Danny Mays in BBC Two’s acclaimed drama series Against the Law.

Watch Richard Gadd on Soho Theatre Live on Wednesday, August 16th on Soho Theatre Live.

4. Rhys James

Critics have described him as “sickeningly talented: and “destined for great things” and they’re not wrong.

A classic gag man, this fresh-faced youngster is full of charisma, self-awareness and energy.

You may have seen him on panel shows such as Mock the Week, Virtually Famous or Sweat the Small Stuff, but if you haven’t his Soho Theatre show is the perfect introduction.

Watch Rhys James Soho Theatre Live on Wednesday, August 30th.

5. Mae Martin

The dorky British-Candian comic writes for Radio 4, starred in BBC sitcom Uncle, and has had glowing reviews for her stand-up tours from the national press.

A bright new role model for nervous teens everywhere, Mae’s relaxed and chilled-out storytelling style has built up a large following online.

Managing to find humour in the most unlikely places, Mae has a bright future in comedy.

Watch Mae Martin’s Soho Theatre Live on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Watch Soho Theatre Live, Wednesdays at 10pm on Comedy Central – BT TV channel 307/370.

Catch up now on the BT Player.

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