Just Tattoo of Us: Exclusive chat with Charlotte Crosby & Scotty T

We talk to the Geordie Shore stars about series three of the hilarious Just Tattoo Of Us on MTV...

Just Tattoo of Us, the hilarious MTV UK show in which contestants choose tattoos for one another, is back for another wild series.Geordie Shore lass Charlotte Crosby returns to hosting duty for series three but this time her ex, Stephen Bear, has been replaced by her Geordie Shore co-star, Scotty T (Scott Timlin).

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We sat down with the two of them to find out what's coming up on series three...

So what's it been like having Scotty as your new co-host?

Charlotte: It’s been so much fun hasn’t it Scott? We are dead funny!

Scott: Oh so much fun! We never argue, never fight, just get on with it. Obviously it is going to be very different from when she was doing it with Bear.

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Asides from Scott joining, what else is new on the show?

Charlotte: We’ve got a couple of new tattoo artists, we’ve obviously got Scott, the studio has changed - it is bigger and better - but in terms of the tattoos they are still just as wild and as crazy as ever. Nothing has changed in terms of the tattoos!

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Scotty: I was freaking out at first seeing the madness of the tattoos. Some are shocking. It was all new to me obviously.

Has the show put either of you off getting future tattoos?

Scotty: Not really! Mine are all stupid though already. I don’t get good tattoos, I just get daft ones.

Charlotte: Nah but I did Scott a tattoo on the series, I can’t tell you what it is but it was bad! I don’t think you could ever be happy with it!

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How do you feel about the tattooo Charlotte chose for you Scott?

Scott: I am just neutral about it because it’s happened now and I just have to get over it and accept it! I try not to dwell too much on things like that but yeah it is a bit shocking...I didn’t choose one for Charlotte but if I did I’d choose a nice one. I would give her a muffin.

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Charlotte: It’s a little private joke between the two of us. It would be a little muffin man. I'd be ok with that, I really think I would! As long as it was only really little!

Do you have any tattoo regrets of your own?


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Scott: Nah, all of mine are funny.

Charlotte: I suppose I have got Bear’s intitials on so I am getting that lasered off but I probably wouldn’t change any of the others.

Who would you pick a revenge tattoo for and why?

Charlotte: I would give a revenge tattoo to Ross, the producer of the show, because he has got an evil mind! He deserves a taste of his own medicine.

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Scott: He does: he has an evil madness. But to be honest I’m kind of friends with everyone so I wouldn’t really choose one.

Do any of the participants ever refuse to go through with the tattoos?

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Scott: Oh yeah a few back out. Some tap out halfway.

Charlotte: We’ve had tap-outs and walkouts but most people almost always do go through with it.

Scott: Some of them haven’t even ever had a tattoo before and they still go through with it. Ultimately most of the people don’t want to be seen bottling it on telly.

What is the most shocking moment on the new series for each of you?

Scott: Mine was when a girl and boy were revealing the tattoos for each other and they are married and he chose one of the biggest tattoos you’ve ever seen for her. He ruined this poor lass. I just wanted to knock him out!

Charlotte: There’s a few for me. One couple split up, someone gets dumped – you’ll see a lot of shocking moments!

Do you ever feel guilty about the tattoo results?

Charlotte: No because they have their reasons for the breakups and ultimately for going on the show. I feel bad when someone gets a really bad tattoo, I do feel a bit guilty then.

Scotty: I just find those really funny.

Who do you think in terms of celebrities has the best tattoos?

Charlotte: Hands down David Beckham!

Scott: Definitely or maybe even Charlotte!

Why should we tune into this new series?

Scott: Because I’m back on telly, I’m hosting with Charlotte and it’s absolutely mint.

Charlotte: Tune in for the pure reason that Scott is back on telly finally.

Scott: And everyone loves a slice of me.

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