TCM and CNN HD channels launching on BT TV

The extra channels will be available to customers from Thursday, July 11th.

Two new HD channels are launching on BT TV, meaning customers will have more choice and channels than ever before.

TCM HD and CNN HD will be available to customers with HD TV packages later this month (July 11th).

BT TV customers can watch BT Sport, Netflix and Prime Video via their TV box. Also available are premium channels including Comedy Central, Alibi, National Geographic and AMC.

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What are the new channel numbers?

The two new HD channels are:

TCM HD (BT TV channel 536)
CNN HD (BT TV channel 393).

When do they launch?

The new channels will start appearing on your BT TV set top box from Thursday, July 11th

It may take around 24 hours for them to appear or you can restart your set top box to force through the changes.

What shows can I watch on TCM and CNN?

Dirty Harry airs on TCM

(Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry airs on TCM)

TCM broadcasts a wide range of film favourites from its extensive collection. Hollywood greats starring Bette Davis sit alongside contemporary and cult classics.

It celebrates landmark films of all genres from across the decades including Midnight Cowboy, Boogie Nights and Apocalypse Now. From James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor to Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep, the channel is packed with iconic actors.

CNN is a 24-hour news channel, which broadcasts around the world. CNN can be watched internationally in over 212 countries and territories.

Broadcasters and shows on CNN include Anderson Cooper, The Lead with Jake Tapper, Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs and Kate Bolduan.

What other HD channels are on BT TV?

Alongside linear HD channels for BBC One, ITV, Channel 4 and others, BT TV customers have access to 30 premium channels in stunning HD.

US drama channel AMC, entertainment channels such as MTV and Comedy Central, documentary channels National Geographic and Discovery and sport channels such as Eurosport are all available in HD on BT TV.

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