Teen Mom UK: The Moms talk series three, role models and Kylie Jenner

We sit down with the stars of MTV UK’s Teen Mom UK to catch up with the ladies and find out what’s coming up on the popular reality show.

The megahit MTV series Teen Mom has had its own spin-off Teen Mom UK since 2016 - and its third series has just kicked off.

It follows the everyday lives of a group of young British mums as they deal with the trials and tribulations of young love, start their careers and move into their first homes – all while trying to be the best mums they can.

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We got to chat exclusively with mums Chloe, Megan, Amber, Sassi and Mia about everything - from how they deal with social media trolling to their opinions of fellow new young mum Kylie Jenner.

Here are the highlights of our conversation:

Dealing with the haters

teen mom

Each of the Teen Moms are now famous, particularly in their hometowns. Chloe said most of the time the interaction she gets is nice, whether in person or on social media, and it's usually questions about her amazing weight loss transformation:

“My Twitter messaging says 99+ right now! It’s crazy and non-stop. I try so hard to reply to every one of them. A lot are asking about my weight and honestly I haven’t done anything that different. I’ve just been eating less rubbish and drinking more water,” Amber said.

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Sassi admitted she does receive some negative comments, particularly through social media trolling, but she tries to brush it off:

“It’s rubbish! Have they not got anything going on in their own lives? I try to ignore it but it can be hard,” Sassi said.

Mia said social media can be particularly misleading and leads to unfair negative fan feedback:

“I went out one night recently and put it on social media. I got so much hate from fans saying that ‘oh look she’s out so much’ when if you look it’s the same night and outfit - it was just one night - but people jump to conclusions and assume something else because of social media,” Mia said.

The pressures of being a ‘role model’

teen mom

Series three is going to be big, said each of the girls, and we’ll see how each one of them has taken on major changes and progression in their lives over the last year.

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“The last couple of series have been a build-up to this very series. Especially in terms of our relationships, they all meet a turning point really,” explained Mia.

And Sassi admitted none of them are perfect and some mistakes will be shown on the new series.

“There will be some regrettable moments and of course the cameras were there to catch it!” she said.

They agreed that it’s important to show the ups and downs of young motherhood and that they aren’t in fact the ‘perfect’ role models – an image which sometimes they feel pressure to live up to.

“It’s nice to be called a role model and that people look up to you. But I need advice and help too; when people ask me for advice, I think 'I could probably do with that advice too'.” said Chloe.

The reality of being a young mum

sassi teen mom uk

Sassi said she hopes viewers will see what being a young mum is really like – and that while it’s tough, it’s still possible to live a great life:

“I think a lot of people think once you’ve had a baby that’s it. You just sit at home and do nothing. But obviously we go to work and have a life that doesn’t just involve sitting at home alone with the kids. It is possible to have a good life even if you’re a young mum and I hope people get that from watching us.”

How they compare to Teen Mom USA

teen mum uk

Of course viewers are going to compare Teen Mom UK to its American counterparts Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3.

Sassi admitted that she’s not much of a fan:

“I don’t really watch it. For me it’s just not relatable compared to my own experience.”

However both Amber and Mia are self-confessed fans:

“I love watching them and comparing it. They are so similar in some ways and yet so different,” Amber said.

“I just don’t know how they all do it. The fame and the pressure…I look at some of them, like Leah went out with three kids for the day. She looked stressed but just got on with it. I get so stressed just getting my one child ready to go out. I don’t know how they do it and keep it cool in front of the cameras,” said Mia.

What they think of Kylie Jenner


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Kyle Jenner, is perhaps the most famous young mum in the world right now and the Teen Mom UK ladies cohesively had nothing but good things to say about her:

“I really like her. I think of all the money she could have made with the pregnancy, but she chose not to. It’s hard because lots of people will look up to her so there is a lot of pressure there,” said Mia.

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Amber concluded that it’s important to remember that her young mum experience will be very different from most:

“She’s got millions of pounds to give the baby everything it could ever want. Young mums will look up to her but obviously you have to remember that she probably will have a nanny and lots of help so it’s not necessarily realistic to compare yourself to someone like her. I really like her but obviously her experience will be very different.”

Teen Mom UK is on MTV on Wednesdays at 8pm.

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