Hunt for the Wilderpeople and more fabulous films for BT TV customers on Curzon Home Cinema

The enchanting Hunt for the Wilderpeople is just one of the incredible highlights for BT TV customers on Curzon Home Cinema in December.

BT TV customers have the very best independent cinema at their fingertips thanks to Curzon Home Cinema.

Read on for a round-up of the best new Curzon films available to buy and rent.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – available to buy and rent now

A still from Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This quirky and charming comedy drama from New Zealand film maker Taika Waititi ('Flight of the Conchords', 'What We Do in the Shadows') features Julian Dennison as misfit teen Ricky who, after being moved from foster home to foster home, finally begins to settle with the maternal Bella, played by Rima Te Wiata.

An unhappy occurrence forces him closer to Bella's cantankerous husband Hec, played by Sam Neill. Against his better judgment, Hec begins to teach Ricky the basic skills needed to survive in the New Zealand wilderness.

The result is a funny and moving take on the coming-of-age and buddy genres, that was named no.1 movie of 2016 by Empire magazine.

The Unknown Girl - available to buy and rent now

A still from the film The Unknown Girl.

Rising French star Adèle Haenel ('Water Lilies', 'Les Combattants') is Jenny Davin, a talented doctor who refuses to open the door of her practice to a mysterious late-night caller. The next day, the police inform her that an unidentified young woman has been found dead close by.

A psychologically complex study of of personal responsibility, justice and compassion from Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne ('Two Days, One Night'), The Unknown Girl twists the form of conventional detective movies to create a compelling drama in which Haenel shines.

Through the Wall - available to buy and rent now

A still from the film Through the Wall

This charming romantic comedy from acclaimed Israeli writer and director Rama Burshtein follows Michal, a woman who refuses to cancel her wedding plans simply for the piffling reason that her would-be husband has had a change of heart.

Michal thus embarks on a quest to find a replacement, meeting a series of misfits and oddballs - but with the wedding date fast approaching, can she follow her heart and make the right decision?

Also on Curzon Home Cinema this month:

Life, Animated

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, 'Life, Animated' is the remarkable story of Owen Suskind, a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he discovered a pathway to language through Disney films.


Winner of the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at Sundance 2016, this is the true story of aspiring rapper and indomitable force Sonita, a teenage refugee living with her conservative family in Tehran.

The Wailing

A box office smash in South Korea, The Wailing is a riveting police investigation which turns into a sensationally terrifying thriller as a likeable cop is drawn into a nightmarish hunt for a source of pure evil disturbing his quiet, rural village.


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