Netflix’s grand period drama The Crown has confirmed its release date and revealed its first footage for season two.

The Crown tells the story of the reign of Elizabeth II for it to last six seasons, taking the story up to the present day.

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Season two will be the last starring Claire Foy as Elizabeth and will cover the period of 1956 to 1964. It has already been revealed that Princess Diana will arrive in the show at the end of season 3.

The Queen will meet JFK, travel the world and face fresh problems, including allegations of royal affairs and new pressures on the monarch.

The story is expected to touch on the fall out of Kennedy;s assassination in the US and have a close focus on Prince Phillip and a young Prince Charles.

When is The Crown season two released?

Season two will be available to stream on Netflix from December 8th.

Watch the whole of season 1 now on Netflix.

What is the plot for season 2?

The series is epxected to include the Suez Crisis, Antony Eden's resignation as Prime Minister and The Queen's connection with his successors, Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home.

Director Philip Martin said "The first season happened in a bubble; I think that Elizabeth and Phillip and Margaret are all in a world and everybody is in some ways supportive of them. And I think in the second season the world comes crashing in.

Claire Foy said: "The direction the show has gone in is very different and the period of time is moving on, so it does feel very different.

"You really see how amazing it is to put Philip and Elizabeth - their marriage and their world - suddenly into the 1960s. You see how the royal family has to start changing and move with the times and realise that things and people are different, and you start to see the evolution of the modern monarchy.

Margaret's "dangerous" and "volatile" relationship with Lord Snowden (Matthew Goode) will also be a focus of season 2.

Watch the trailer:


Who is in the cast?

Stars from series one including Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth), Matt Smith (Prince Philip), Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret), Victoria Hamilton (the Queen Mother) and Jeremy Northam (Antony Eden) will all return.

New cast members include Matthew Goode as Lord Snowdon/Antony Armstrong-Jones, sexy society photographer and love interest for Princess Margaret.

Dexter’s Michael C Hall is cast as John F Kennedy and Jodi Balfour (Quarry) plays Jackie Kennedy.

Claire Foy confirmed that John Lithgow would not be returning for season two as Winston Churchill, revealing that she had missed not having him on set.

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The Crown

The Crown

The Crown season 2

The Crown season 2

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