The Evermoor Chronicles: Season 2 – 5 life lessons your kids will learn from Disney’s supernatural show

Disney’s action-packed tale about a girl who moves to a magical English village is back for a second series, but there’s more to The Evermoor Chronicles than supernatural shenanigans…

Last updated: 22 May 2017 - 11.40am

American teen Tara Crossley (played by Naomi Sequeira) gets more than she bargains for when she moves to the mysterious English village of Evermoor. As she adjusts to her new life in a spooky manor house with her famous novelist mother and new step-family, Tara begins to notice that all is not as it seems.

Season two of the popular supernatural drama is available now, so expect to see some new characters and even more high jinks. But this show is about more than magical mishaps. At its core, Evermoor is a coming-of-age drama focusing on the lives, loves, family and friends of a group of growing teens. Sound familiar? Here’s what kids can learn from the show…

1. Keep an open mind

Family break-ups can be tough for kids, especially when a parent remarries, as Tara discovers in season one. As well as leaving her old life behind and moving to a new country, Tara and her younger brother, Jake (Georgie Farmer), must adapt to a new life with their stepfather and step-siblings, Bella and Seb (played by Georgia Lock and George Sear).

2. Try to be patient

Tensions start to appear in the blended family when Tara and Seb become firm friends, leaving Bella feeling jealous and left out. Like any new family, it takes a while to get to know and trust one another, but with a little bit of patience and understanding, Tara and Bella manage to work things out.

3. It’s OK to be yourself

Nobody’s denying that being a teenager is tricky, especially when you’re in possession of magical powers, like Tara, Bella and their friend, Sorsha (Jordan Loughran), among others at Evermoor. All Tara wants is to live a normal life and get good grades at school, but, ultimately, she finds she’s much happier once she accepts who she is.

4. There are friends and frenemies

There are some awesome friendships in The Evermoor Chronicles, but things don’t always run smoothly. Like most teenagers, the characters fall out and make up. The important thing is not to hold a grudge.

5. Romance can be complicated

Ahhh… young romance. We all remember our first love, and the inhabitants of Evermoor are no exception. Early in season one, we saw the love triangle between Tara, Cameron and Bella play out, while demi-god Otto has tricky ex-girlfriend Valentina to deal with while nursing a crush on Tara. At least things seem to be going well for Seb and Sorsha…

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