The Slap delivers a hit of dark drama and cutting comedy

A sensational cast dazzles in this eight-part series of culture clashes, impulsive actions, truth, lies and consequences.

Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Melissa George, Zachary Quinto, Brian Cox and Peter Sarsgaard are among the acting talent that make this sophisticated US drama, based on the bestselling novel by Christos Tsiolkas, utterly addictive.

From one rash act – an adult slapping a naughty child at a 40th birthday barbecue in Brooklyn – shockwaves ripple through a collection of family and friends, ripping apart people’s lives.

Each episode sees things from the perspective of a different character, revealing infidelities, midlife crises, unfulfilled dreams and lives derailed by moments of madness. It’s cynical, sophisticated, sad and funny.

The Slap starts 10pm, Thursday on Lifetime, BT Channel 329 and is also on catch up.

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