The Walking Dead: Will Rosita and Sasha's plan endanger Alexandria?

It was all the fun of the fair in this week’s Walking Dead as Rick and Michonne took on a pack of walkers at the foot of a Ferris wheel.

Warning: The Walking Dead episode 11 spoilers below

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This week, The Walking Dead followed young lovebirds Rick and Michonne as they enjoyed a romantic mini-break, including a leisurely country drive, plenty of adult ‘alone time’, a stop at a funfair, and a chance to fight a pack of decomposing walkers hellbent on eating them alive. It wasn’t quite a weekend in the Cotswolds, but it’ll do.

After an interlude with a wandering deer and a walker-surrounded car at the fair, the pair crashed through the rotten roof of a building to find a very convenient stash of food and guns.

Rick Grimes and Michonne from The Walking Dead

The discovery of the latter means the Alexandrians are one step closer to a bloody show-down with Negan’s Saviours. Dropping the guns off with the Yoda-like Jadis, they found that the blunt-fringed matriarch has unfairly decided she wants yet more guns before she’ll join in the fight against The Saviours. Is she just stringing them along till she gets what she wants?

Elsewhere, Tara wrestled with her morals, and the promise she made to the Oceansiders. Will her betrayal mean the seaside community’s destruction, or their chance to get much-needed revenge against The Saviours for the deaths of their menfolk?

Father Gabriel from The Walking Dead

Rosita continued to pout moodily through proceedings, only stopping to check in with Gabriel in the church, where he gave short shrift to her accusation that he’d prevented her from killing Negan. Not satisfied with, well, anything, she bagged herself a huge gun from Rick and Michonne’s funfair haul, and set about launching her own mission against The Saviours to avenge Abraham’s death.

She must be feeling desperate as she enlisted the help of mortal enemy Sasha – but will the pair of them succeed in their mission, or just endanger everyone at Alexandria? We strongly suspect it will be the latter. So, despite Rick stating at the funfair that ‘today we win’, we suspect his new-found winning streak might be short-lived…

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