The 10 most ridiculous reality shows of all time

From wrestling to hairdressing, we look back at some of the daftest celebrity shows to have made the remarkable move from production room to screen.

Contestants are being thrown in the deep end - literally - in our W's new beach-based series The Wave.

Rylan Clark-Neal, safely situated in his Portuguese beach bar welcomes pairs of contestants and, whilst one stays with Rylan and sips cocktails, the other - the swimmer - gets their kit off and heads to sea.

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The Wave
Two-hundred metres out is a line of six pontoons that stretch further and further away from land. Each has increasing amounts of cash inside and a written question with two possible answers and two corresponding hatches. Communicating with their land-based partner on arrival, the swimmer must select a hatch. If they are right, they discover cash and take it. But if they are wrong, they find a 1kg lead weight inside and must attach it to their belt.

As their partner struggles against mother nature, the team member with Rylan Clark-Neal is also desperately answering additional questions in a bid to win time because when they decide to bail, they will only win the money if they can make it back to their partner on land in time.

Overseeing their safety as the underwater currents shift, the waves change and the dense sea fog of the Atlantic descends without warning, is Olympic silver medallist and expert long distance open-water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne.

Airing every night next week, The Wave is going to be our 2018 guilty pleasure.

The Wave airs Monday to Friday at 8pm, beginning on January 15 on W.

Watch W on BT TV channel number 311

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Ahead of the new series, we looked back at 10 of the most surprising reality shows of all time...

10. The Farm

Featuring Rebecca Loos collecting pig semen, Keith Harris and Orville the Duck living with Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav and Vanilla Ice fighting with Paul Daniels, the two series of this Channel 5 show were truly bonkers.

It was basically Celebrity Big Brother with added chickens and hay - and less viewers.

9. Celebrity Wrestling

Celebrity Wrestling on ITV

(Celebrity Wrestling's female cast)

The BBC brought Doctor Who back from the dead in 2005, so ITV needed a big entertainment format to challenge the sci-fi smash. Unfortunately, all they could come up with was celebrities you’d never heard of dressed in Lycra rolling around in a wrestling ring.

“Star names” such as Marc Bannerman, James Hewitt, Jenny Powell and Kate Lawler grappled and embarrassed themselves with silly walk-ons and laughable nicknames (The Avenger, The Handy Man, El Diablo etc).

It only lasted four weeks in primetime, before ITV shifted it to a Sunday morning graveyard slot and tried to pretend the whole event never happened.

8. Celebrity Super Spa

Somebody sat in a meeting room at Channel 5 and gave the thumbs up to the idea of Rustie Lee, Arg from TOWIE and Helen Flanagan dishing out waxes, vajazzles and plucking treatments in a real life Liverpool Spa.

Behind the bust-ups and flouncing of Flanagan, there were some spa trainees working with the celebs to win £10,000 and an apprenticeship. Any viewer who managed to watch all six episodes of this tripe deserved their own sizeable reward.

7. Tumble

In 2012, Olympics fever took over the UK and TV producers were obviously keen to cash in.

ITV’s Tom Daley-fronted celeb diving series Splash did its best to milk the final last bits of enthusiasm out of us and then in 2014, two years after the Olympic flame had burnt out, Tumble fell flat on its face.

Leotards, H from Steps and clichés about C-list celebrities “journeys” do not equal a Saturday evening smash.

“Tonight, 10 daring celebrities will perform dazzling gymnastic and circus-inspired routines live, to you the nation,” said host Alex Jones on the opening show. Luckily for the nation, everybody was watching ITV instead.

6. The Club

Dean Gaffney

(Dean Gaffney, one of the 'stars' of The Club)

Former Page 3 star Sam Fox, ex-EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney and not very good rapper, not very good comedian Richard Blackwood, took over bars in a London nightclub and competed to win votes from viewers across the series.

The only memorable moment came when Fox got in a bust-up with one of her staff members, who accused her of getting drunk every night and she stormed off the set in a strop.

Not only did somebody think The Club was a good idea for a TV show, they also considered it worthy of its own ITV2 spin-off. Just in case you couldn’t get enough of the whole humiliating experience.

5.  Celebrity Scissorhands

It was celebrities cutting people’s hair. And it got three series.

The show did raise money for Children in Need, so we should probably let it off, but in pure television terms, this was dire.

4. Your Face Sounds Familiar

Alexander Armstrong on Your Face Sounds Familiar

(Alexander Armstrong as Susan Boyle on Your Face Sounds Familiar)

One of the most surreal pieces of television ever produced that gave Saturday night TV viewers the sight of Bobby Davro impersonating Tammy Wynette.

It was essentially Stars In Their Eyes with celebrities, but the added element of dragging up, pointless judges and inane hosts made it feel like one of those Spanish gameshows you end up watching when you’re stuck in a hotel room on holiday.

3. CelebAir

Celeb Air

(The cast of Celeb Air)

Ex-members of Steps, Blazin’ Squad and So Solid Crew joined Chico from X Factor in a competition to find out how celebrities would cope working as cabin crew on Monarch Airlines.

A bizarre concept that had an extra surreal element as one of the contestants, Tamara Beckwith, was pregnant and couldn’t actually do any of the flights. The worrying thing is that her taking part wasn’t even the most ridiculous part of the show.

2. Call me a Cabbie

Seriously, we’re not making this up. Jeff Brazier, Carol Thatcher and Janet Street-Porter played cab drivers and took on challenges such as map reading, annoying passengers and complex driving manoeuvres, all in the name of entertainment.

If it wasn’t flabbergasting enough that this show got made, even more incredibly it actually got a second series with Nick Ferrari, Lady Isabella Hervey and Chantelle Preston.

1. Celebrity Detox Camp

Richard Blackwood (again), Kim Wilde and Tamara Beckwith were among the lucky “stars” taken to a Thai spa to test out various detox treatments for our amusement.

The show’s crowning achievement was giving us live footage of Blackwood receiving a colonic irrigation.

Credits: ITV Pictures/Rex Features