True Love or True Lies? Romance, deceit and Danny Dyer - 3 reasons you need to watch Dani Dyer’s MTV gameshow

Dani and Danny Dyer unite on series two of the most addictive play along show of the year.

From Love Island to The Circle, gameshows about relationships are more in demand than Channing Tatum's abs.

MTV’s True Love or True Lies?Fdann is the perfect new addition to the romance reality TV genre, bringing a unique gameshow twist to the format.

Hosted by Dani Dyer, and with her dad Danny on 'nawty' voiceover duties, the series sends eight couples to an idyllic mansion in Malta - but the twist is that some of the couples are liars.

All eight couples want to impress and prove that they are the real deal - but the only thing to stop fakers claiming the £10k prize money is sleuthing skills and spotting the liars from the lovers.

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Dani Dyer's True Love or True Lies?

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Each evening, Dani Dyer will host the Love Ceremony where the couples must confront each other, and state whose love they think is a lie. The couple with the most votes must leave the mansion immediately… but not before finally revealing, if they are lovers or liars.

Airing every weeknight for 12 episodes, True Love or True Lies? is a deliciously addictive guilty pleasure.

Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss the new series.

1. It's Love Island with liars

True Love or True Lies? presenter Dani Dyer

"Romance is entertaining to watch," explains the show’s new presenter Dani.

"We all go through it, we all have own relationships, we all go through break-ups and we like to watch them play out on telly to compare to our own lives."

The former Love Island winner believes the series has the same winning formula as the ITV2 series.

"In life you spend your day at work and there are some really serious things on telly, so we need shows like this that are light-hearted and fun," she said. "After a long day at work, you can relax with this and have some fun."

Dani added: "You sit there and go, 'They know too much about each other!' You start comparing it to relationships you’ve been in, but then every single relationship is different."

2. Everyone got fooled last year

True Love or True Lies series 1 winners

(True Love or True Lies series 1 winner Liv and Louis)

After last year’s winners turned out to be liars, the pressure is on for the series two cast to make the right call.

"I actually think it’s really good that last year liars won, because it means that this year people go – 'we need to make sure real people win'", said Dani.

"But you just don’t ever truly know because every couple is different and everyone has their own story."

She added: "The couples taking part this year, every single one is different.  It’s very diverse, you have drag queens, transgender couples, gay couples, a few straight couples. That’s what makes it so exciting. Every single couple has their own backstory, their own background. They might be telling the truth, they might be faking it.

"There are some really, really heartfelt things in there and that’s what you want because it makes you warm to the contestants. You are really rooting for some of them. There are some you think are real, who turn out to be fake, and vice-versa. Honestly, I literally loved them all when I walked in and first met them."

3. Danny Dyer in the voiceover booth

Danny Dyer and Dani Dyer present True Love or True Lies

Not happy to just have Dani presenting, the MTV series also roped in her father Danny for the voiceover duties. It’s a Dyer sandwich with a juicy gameshow filling.

"The greatest living voiceover artist is back, and I’m bursting with pride to have my little Dan come along for the ride, she’s a little star," said Danny.

Dani told BT TV: "I was in Malta and he’s been in the edit suite with complete control of what he says about me. So I have no idea what he’s been saying. It’s a Danny duo – I don’t think either of us thought that would ever happen."

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True Love or True Lies? returns to screens Monday 21st October at 9pm.

It airs weeknights for the next 12 nights.

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