Vampirina: 5 reasons your kids will love this spooky Disney Jnr show

The inspiring and beautifully animated series is going to adored by children and parents.

Disney Jnr (BT TV channel 481) has struck gold again with the addictive, inspiring and spooky-tastic Vampirina.

A show about the struggles of fitting in with a new town and friends, it has a positive message for children that being different is cool.

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Here are five reasons kids (and adults) will fall in love with Vampirina.

1. It has an inspirational message


Set in an urban Pennsylvania neighbourhood and centred around Vee (voiced by 11-year-old Isabella Crovetti), the series kicks off as she settles into her new surroundings following a family move from Transylvania.

Excited to see what the human world has to offer, Vee will learn that while it may be easy to blend in with her peers, it’s important to celebrate the difference that makes everyone unique.

The inspiring story about the difficulties of fitting in is perfect for pre-school audiences making their first steps into a scary world.

2. Mr Dawson's Creek


Yes, you heard correctly. That is James Van Der Beek, voicing Vee’s dad Boris Hauntley.

“Boris is the kind of dad you roll your eyes at, but still love because he’s such a good guy,” says Van Der Beek.

3. Lauren Graham


Vampirina doesn’t just have one A-lister, because alongside Van Der Beek is Gilmore Girls icon Lauren Graham.

Graham plays Vee’s mum, Oxana, who is opening a scary bed and breakfast for visiting monsters.

“Oxana is a fun mum and she really wants her daughter to fit in the new environment,” says Graham

4. Broadway-style music


Creator Chris Nee (Doc McStuffins) drew on her love of Broadway-musicals and hired in award-winning talent to make the show’s soundtrack soar.

Tony award-winning performers Patti LuPone (Evita) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Kiss Me, Kate) are among the voices your kids will singing along with evey day.

Michael Kooman and Christopher Diamond (The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes) are the series songwriters and Layla Minoui (Castle) is the composer and the results make every episode feel like a mini hit musical.

5. Stunning animation


The production values of the show are closer to a movie than a TV series with a similar look and feel to recent movie smash hits such as Frozen and Moana

Created by Brown Bag Films in Dublin, the team behind Doc McStuffins, Octonauts and Henry Hugglemonster, this show is on a different level to your average pre-school TV animation.

Vampirina airs on Disney Jnr from October 11th.

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