Why Britain's Darkest Taboos is one of the best crime shows on TV

We spoke to the presenters of CI's Britain's Darkest Taboos about what makes it such a successful and thought-provoking crime show.

Crime Investigation Channel’s thought-provoking reality series Britain’s Darkest Taboos is back for its sixth series.

Examining some of the most disturbing crimes of recent years in the UK, here’s why we think it’s one of the best crime shows on TV right now:

1. It’s presented by leading crime experts


This series of Britain’s Darkest Taboos is presented by three leading crime experts – retired superintendent detective David Swindle, psychologist Emma Kenny and former policeman turned investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas. Each effortlessly apply their professional experience and expertise when assessing the shocking featured crimes.

2. It explores all angles

The show combines intimate interviews, previously unheard police recordings and crime reconstructions to examine both the crime and the story that led up to it.

As Mark Williams-Thomas explains, “Viewers will get a great insight into various different crimes, how criminals operate and how these crimes are investigated by authorities."

3. It’s not sensational


From series 1, Britain’s Darkest Taboos has strived to avoid sensationalising the crimes and indeed the criminals.

As Emma Kenny explains:

“Taboos is very much about the crime itself and the consequences and the victims involved and their families. If you like crime shows but don’t want to feel dirty or exploitative after watching one, watch Britain’s Darkest Taboos –  you will walk away feeling justified and validated for watching it.”

4. It focuses on the victim

Unlike so many crime shows that focus on the criminal and their motives, Britain’s Darkest Taboos always aims to put the crime victim and their experience first.

“We always do it from the same perspective – how the story has affected the victim – to the extent that we can walk away and know that the victims’ stories have been heard and the victims themselves are being remembered,” Kenny said.

5. It offers a platform to grieving families


Britain’s Darkest Taboos is one of the few crime shows that features fresh interviews with victims’ family members.

Mark Swindle explains that this gives grieving family members a voice and a platform for their story to be heard:

“All too often crime shows sensationalise the criminal and they don’t focus on the victim and the victim’s family. But Britain’s Darkest Taboos does this. It gives a platform for the grieving families to have their story told,” he said.

Britain’s Darkest Taboos airs Sundays at 9pm on CI.  

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