Wind River: 5 reasons the Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen thriller is a must-watch

Navigate the Wyoming wilderness with this explosive thriller from director Taylor Sheridan.

Mixing pulse-quickening action with intelligently crafted observations about present day America, Wind River was one of the smartest and most thrilling films of 2017.

Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner, the plot follows the fall-out of a teenage girl's murder in a community that is filled with bigotry and fear.

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Olsen plays a rookie FBI agent, who teams up with a local hunter (Renner) to navigate through the freezing Wyoming wilderness and uncover the town's explosive secrets.

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Here are five reasons Wind River is a must-watch

1. Olsen and Renner dream team

Wind River

It's a dramatic change of style for the Hollywood A-listers, who previously partnered up for the Avengers franchise.

Stripped of their superhero costumes, both actors deliver career-high performances. Managing to carry off moments that will tug at heartstrings and adrenaline-fuelled action, the duo are perfectly cast as the leads.

2. Taylor Sheridan at the helm

Wind River

The acclaimed screenwriter turns his hand to directing for the first time as he follows up the celebrated Sicario (2015) and Oscar-nominated Hell or High Water (2016).

Sherida'’s success has earned him some serious pulling power in Hollywood, but his stories and approach remain rooted in indie filmmaking, as he taps into the heart and parts of America that have previously gone unseen.

3. A big departure from blockbusters

Wind River

Superheroes and sequels tend to dominate cinemas, so it was hugely refreshing to have a big screen thriller take a different route.

"I made a story about people who no one makes movies about," said Sheridan about Hell or High Water. Wind River completes his thematic movie trilogy about the modern American frontier and is arguably the best of the three.

4. Incredible filming in Wyoming

Wind River

The scenery plays a huge role in the film and often dwarfs the characters and events on screen.

"It is a brutal place where the landscape itself is an antagonist," said Sheridan.

"It is a place where addiction and murder kills more than cancer, and rape is considered a rite of passage for girls on the cusp of womanhood. It is a place where the rule of law gives way to the law of nature. No place in North America has changed less in the past century, and no place in America has suffered more from the changes that have taken place."

Speaking about the frost-bitten Indian reservation, Olsen told Collider: "It was incredible to get to film in those conditions… We had to battle the elements and there wasn’t time to waste. It ended up feeling like every night when you went home that you were tired and you felt like you had a good day at work."

5. Not sure yet? Check out the trailer?


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