The 9 questions we’re all asking after episode 2 of Line of Duty

Waldron’s fate in the shocking second episode of the BBC1 police drama has left us with few answers but plenty of questions. Warning: there are spoilers ahead…

This article is intended for readers who have just seen episode 2 of the BBC1 police drama. If you haven’t, be warned that there are major spoilers from the outset and throughout.

The first episode in series 3 of Jed Mercurio’s white-knuckle police drama Line of Duty was all about shocks; a copper shoots a suspect in cold blood, then that same copper is shot in mysterious circumstances just as the credits are about to roll.

Episode 2 is all about questions. Oh, and there are a few shocks too. But mainly questions. Here are the ones that perplexed us:

Who killed Danny Waldron?

Line of Duty (BBC)
In episode one, Waldron (Daniel Mays) says: “When this is all done Steve I’ll suffer for my actions. I’m under no illusions of a happy ending…”

Well he doesn’t get one. He succumbed to his grievous injury in the opening moments of tonight’s episode.

In episode two, we are presented with a number of clear suspects for the murder. If it was a murder. Waldron’s fractious firearms team are all insisting that it was a suicide.

Was it? And why has undercover AC-12 detective Kate Fleming not revealed the crucial information that Hari Bains had called Waldron upstairs to his death?

What were Waldron’s last words?

Line of Duty (BBC)
We know he said ‘listen’. But everyone’s convinced that he said something after that. Did he? He didn’t seem to but is that just tricky editing? Fiendish.

Will ‘Dot’ Cottan finally get his comeuppance in this series?

Line of Duty (BBC)
Well, and a supplementary question; Did AC-12 really need armed backup when they searched Waldron’s flat?

The armed officers were conspicuously absent when Cottan (Craig Parkinson) found and pocketed a note from the late Sgt Waldron that might have wrapped up Series 3 by the end of the episode. And, it seems, reopened old wounds from Series 2. 

Which leads us to…

For that matter, why did Cottan pocket the note but leave the envelope?

Line of Duty (BBC)
For readers who haven’t watched the previous two series of Line of Duty, Cottan was the bad apple in the AC-12 barrel that really should have been rumbled by now, but has somehow managed to evade detection.

Mainly by dropping DI Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes) firmly in the muck.

But even if you are new to the show you had to know that Matthew ‘The Caddy’ Cottan was a wrong ‘un. He slurps his tea.

Keeley Hawes reveals all about her Line of Duty return

Was Waldron a big fan of the movie Se7en?

Line of Duty (BBC)
Sgt Waldron seems to have had a clear motive for the murders of Linus and Ronan Murphy, but popping Linus’s head in a coolbox and leaving it in a storage locker? That’s just macabre.

Is Waldron’s ‘girlfriend’ more deeply involved than she seems to be?

Rachel O’Connor is just a pleasant young woman that Waldron met in a bar. Or is she? One thing we know about Jed Mercurio: he never puts anything into a script that doesn’t need to be there.

Is Arnott for the chop?

When someone rings home to tell their loved ones that they care about them, you know there’s trouble in store. Will DS Arnott meet his end in the line of duty? Or is it just curtains for his relationship once the extent of his involvement with Lindsay Denton is revealed?

Do we need to watch Series 2 again?

Line of Duty (BBC)
There were only a few connecting threads between series one and two. But two episodes into Series 3 and we are already looking at a dark conspiracy with roots that stretch all the way back to the beginning of the series. And, in particular, to sinister gang boss Tommy Hunter.

And the big one…

Who killed PC Kennedy?

Line of Duty (BBC)
PC Rod Kennedy (Will Mellor) was certainly up to something in the conspiracy that led to Waldron’s death.

But, just as Jessica Raine was unceremoniously killed off in Series 2, and Daniel Mays had a much shorter booking than anyone expected  in Series 3, so the next big name on the cast list – Will Mellor – is gone in an apparent suicide.

But is it a suicide? We have nothing but questions…

What did you think of this week’s Line of Duty? Have you got answers for any of these questions? Or additional questions of your own? Leave a comment below.

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