New on Netflix: Find out what’s on and what to watch this April

Need some Netflix inspiration this April? Here's the very best series, movies, documentaries and comedy specials to stream this month.

We round up some of the biggest new releases available on Netflix this month.

Drama Series

Fastest Car

fastest car

It’s a case of sleeper car vs supercar in this new dirt road-set series. Can a lovingly kept and modified but ultimately junk car beat a Ferrari? Or how about a tinkered with minivan vs a Porsche GT3? We urge you to tune into this petrolhead series and find out for yourself - you may be surprised at some of the results!

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Lost in Space

lost in space

This exciting reboot of the 1960s cult fave of the same name is set 30 years into the future when colonising space is a living reality. The Robinson family seek a new life in the world of space, but when they’re thrown off course, they are quite literally Lost in Space. Join their journey as they fend off alien enemies, discover new space territories and attempt to get back on track.

The Alienist

the alienist

Based on the Caleb Carr novel of the same name, this series boasts a major Hollywood cast that includes Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning. Set in New York City’s ‘Gilded Age’ of the late 1800s, The Alienist is a psychological thriller in which a team are gathered by police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt to track down a ritualistic serial killer who has murdered boy prostitutes in the underbelly of the city.


Ram Dass, Going Home

ram dass

Psychedelic philosopher and guru Ram Dass suffered an life-changing stroke two decades ago and has since been living in Maui where he has continued his spiritual practice. Here he provides unprecedented access to his personal life and spiritual practice and openly discusses his own approach towards the end of his life – a theme which he has been teaching for much of his spiritual career.

Chef’s Table: Pastry

chefts table pastry

This four-part series explores both the personal lives and careers of legendary pastry chefs around the world. With each of the four episodes focusing exclusively on one revered pastry chef you’ll gain exclusive insight to their skills, expertise and of course their culinary joie de vivre.

Mercury 13

Mercury 13 recalls the brave and incredible women who tested for the spaceflight which never was in 1961. While the all-male space programme was known as the Mercury 7 there was also a group of 13 women who passed space tests and, in some cases, actually outperformed their male counterparts. While they served as aviation pioneers, their dreams of travelling into space were never realised. Tthis documentary hopes to shed light and draw attention to their inspirational part in space history.

Bobby Kennedy the President

bobby kennedy netflix

Bobby Kennedy, the Democrats' presidential hopeful ahead of the 1968 election and brother of the assassinated John F. Kennedy, is the subject of this eye-opening four-part docuseries. Using rarely shown - and in some cases never-before-seen - footage of the younger Kennedy, the series is narrated in his own contemporary words and features interviews from his surviving confidants and staffers. As well as looking back on a political career cut tragically short, it also explores what could have been had he not been murdered during the 1968 primaries campaign.

The Rachel Divide

It was the bizarre news story that rocked American in 2015 when Rachel Dolezal, university lecturer and president of civil rights organisation the NAACP was exposed as living as an African-American woman – even though she was Caucasian. This documentary explores the aftermath of the exposure and what Rachel was been up to since.

Stand-Up Comedy Specials

Kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up

kevin james

The hugely successful comedian hosts his first stand-up special in 17 years. Kevin will touch on just about everything from strange fan photos, his various experiences with the often-insincere entertainment industry and life as a dad.

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Enissa Amani: Ehrenwort

enissa amani

Enissa is the first German woman to have her own Comedy Special on Netflix. The Iranian-born German-Persian doesn’t dart from taboo subjects but rather embraces them. She explores everything from racism to life as a female comedian to dating in the modern world.



amateur film netflix

Terron Forte is a 14-year-old basketball prodigy who is recruited to an elite NCAA prep school. Thrown into the shocking political world of amateur athletics, he must try to maintain his true self while staying on form and navigating a new lifestyle.

The Week Of

the week of

Adam Sandler plays a regular dad who is determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding even though her wealthy soon-to-be-father-in-law has generously offered to take care of the cost. Just about everything that could possibly go wrong does in the week of the lead up to the wedding, with hilarious results.

Anime Series



Aggretsuko is about a red panda with human qualities who works for a trading company in Tokyo. Most of the time she seems like an everyday panda worker, but when anger takes hold, she turns to death metal music. 

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