Anne Robinson: 5 surprising facts about The Weakest Link and Trouble with Women presenter

Discover things you never knew about the sharp-tongued TV presenter and journalist.

Whether it's taking on cowboy builders or slamming under-performing quiz show contestants, there are few people on TV who are more formidable than Anne Robinson, so if anyone is going to get answers on why women still get such a bad deal compared to men, it’s her.

Weakest Link host Anne will present documentary The Trouble with Women for BBC One, exploring why 100 years on from suffrage there is still such a lack of equality – and explaining her own controversial views on women being “too fragile”.

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As she prepares to meet working mothers, motor racing grid girls and women battling for equal pay, we find out more about Anne Robinson.

She was sacked by her own husband

Anne was the first female trainee reporter at the Daily Mail when she joined the paper in 1967.

But when she married deputy news editor Charlie Wilson the following year, it was decided that a married couple couldn’t both work in the newsroom – and so Anne was sacked by her own husband for having married him.

She tried out Tinder, but swiped left on everyone

She’s been married and divorced twice, but occasionally Anne still considers looking for love.

At the age of 72, she decided to give dating app Tinder a go, but wasn’t impressed by what she found.

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Talking to The Sun, Anne said: “I wouldn’t date any of the men on Tinder. I deleted it and wouldn’t even know how to get the account back.

“I don’t want to date someone bald and with a moustache. It is slim pickings out there! I would rename Tinder ‘desperate’.”

She was once a Doctor Who villain

It makes sense, really – as one of TV’s most terrifying personalities, why wouldn’t Anne bag a role as a sci-fi baddie?

She appeared in the Doctor Who episode Bad Wolf in 2005 where she played Anne Droid, a futuristic version of herself fronting The Weakest Link in the year 200100.

Failing contestants were blasted by a disintegrator that teleported them to a Dalek fleet. We’re not sure whether or not that’s a scarier prospect than one of Anne’s insults.

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She’s on a permanent diet

You’d hope that someone with Anne’s wit and tenacity would refuse to buy into the idea that women need to look a certain way to be successful.

Unfortunately, she’s said many times that she does believe women need to look the part to achieve, and it certainly doesn’t sound like much fun.

Anne told the Radio Times: “I never have breakfast. I’m permanently on a diet. I’m like Victoria Beckham – you know, when she’s really, really, really hungry, she has a piece of lettuce… in order to be on television when you’re old, you have to be clever and thin.”

Even the Queen of Mean knows when she’s gone too far

In her peak Weakest Link days, Anne was famed for incredibly cruel and vicious remarks to contestants, usually about their appearance or lack of intelligence.

She earned herself the nickname Queen of Mean, but claims she did know when to draw the line – although sometimes the damage had already been done.

Anne once told The Guardian: "I occasionally come off and say 'Cut that out' – not often, but I did it the other week, actually. I said to a student, 'That dress must have looked nice when it fitted you', and afterwards I said, 'Don't put that in, that hurt her'. So I hope we have a bit of judgment about it."

The Trouble with Women with Anne Robinson airs on Thursday, June 14 at 9pm on BBC One.

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