Bancroft episode 2 review: Dark final twist leaves ITV viewers stunned

The Sarah Parish and Faye Marsay drama has got us hooked after the latest tense instalment.

The stripping of Bancroft across one week works perfectly for the speed and tension of Kaye Brooke’s cold case thriller.

Turning the police procedural on its head, DS Elizabeth Bancroft (Sarah Parish) – the lead character of the ITV drama - is the villain of the series.

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Can up-and-coming copper Katherine Stevens (Faye Marsay) get to the truth about Bancroft’s killer past or will she become another victim of the sinister detective?

Here are five burning questions we have...

1. Why was Bancroft at Tim and Laura's wedding?

DS Katherine Stevens (Faye Marsay)

Katherine’s wise decision to watch Laura’s wedding video has knocked her for six with the revelation that her boss was at their wedding. What connected Bancroft to the ‘happy couple’ and why did nobody connected to Laura especially her father, spot the investigating officer had been there on her wedding day.

2. What does Tim really know about Laura's death?

Linus Roache’s barrister is slippery and hiding secrets about his past life with Laura. When he was told the case was being reopened with new forensic evidence, he looked startled. Does he know it was Bancroft and was he responsible in some way for her death?

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The most obvious theory would be that Bancroft and Tim were having an affair and the copper snapped when she discovered that the married couple were having a baby. It might also explain Bancroft’s words of advice for Katherine about sleeping with married men.

3. Can we totally trust Superintendent Cliff Walker (Adrian Edmondson)?

Superintendent Cliff Walker (Adrian Edmondson)

Maybe it’s just because he’s played by Adrian Edmondson, but there’s something about Cliff’s tone and approach which rubs us up the wrong way.

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He appears more determined to bring down Bancroft than getting justice for Laura. Could he have a dark side, which could be explored in a second series?

4. Would Bancroft not have got rid of the evidence before now?

Sarah Parish (DS Bancroft)

We’re not watching Bancroft for gritty realism and we’re willing to run along with the coincidences and connections of the cold case, but if Bancroft is so worried about the evidence from the crime scene why has it taken her 20 years to eliminate her DNA.

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For a smart copper and murderer who has evaded justice, she has been surprisingly reckless about leaving her fingerprints on the crime scenes.

5. Do coppers really have bowling teams?

It makes a change from the TV trope of coppers down the pub, but the team didn’t look likely bowlers. It would probably be best for Katherine if she gives Bancroft a wide berth when she’s got a heavy bowling ball in her hands though – especially if that vision of the young cop morphing into Laura is anything to go on.

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