Benidorm – Meet the cast of the new series

Discover the stars old and new jetting off to the Hotel Solana for series 10.

Hit holiday sitcom Benidorm has now racked up an impressive 10 years in the sun as it returns to ITV for a new series.

But who will be letting their hair down at the resort, and who will be staffing the Hotel Solana?

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Find out which familiar faces and newcomers you can expect to see this time on the programme.

First look at series finale

Former Brookside star Claire Sweeney joins the Benidorm cast for the last episode of the series as "snotty holiday rep".

The finale outing at the Solana also includes a return for Bobby Ball as Ron Pickford, another cameo from Hale and Pace and a special guest appearance from Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer Holly Johnson.

Holly Johnson in Benidorm

The 80s pop icon will entertain the holiday makers at Neptunes.

Episode 9 preview

It's all go as another Summer holiday draws to a close - the Dawsons get mixed up in a strike at the airport as they try to return home and encounter a snotty holiday rep (played by Claire Sweeney).

Claire Sweeney in Benidorm

Sam can't decide if to stay with Joey or return to her ex boyfriend (guest star James Lance). Grandad Dawson has a shock for the family, Ron Pickford is alive! (guest Bobby Ball).

Joyce gets a shock when she hears the Solana Resort is up for sale and has a potential new buyer, will they all be out of jobs?

Returning stars

The Conroys

Actor Tim Healy first came into the sitcom as a guest star, but was such a hit with viewers that his transvestite hotel staff character became a series regular.

Lesley is back again for series 10, but this time it looks as though a spot of trouble could have caught up with her…

Tim is known for his roles in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Waterloo Road, and Still Open All Hours.

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Liam is Lesley’s son, who made his entrance to Benidorm when his dad got bumped up to being a series regular.

Adam Gillen who plays him has appeared in This is Jinsy, Fresh Meat, and Prisoners' Wives.

Joyce Temple-Savage

Since joining the Solana as manager in series five, Joyce Temple Savage has become as much a part of Benidorm as the beaches and the booze. This time she looks to have found her happy ever after with new husband Monty.

Actress Sherrie Hewson has had starring roles in Coronation Street as Maureen Holdsworth, Emmerdale, and The Russ Abbot Show.

Mateo Castellanos

One of the few original characters remaining, barman Mateo is back to flirt with anyone who crosses his path at Neptune’s bar.

Much of actor Jake Canuso’s time is taken up by Benidorm, but viewers may also recognise him from Bad Education, The Hour, and Shameless.

The Maltbys

Another original character back for a 10th season is Noreen, who was first introduced as the mother of Johnny Vegas’ character Geoff but now continues to travel back to the Solana each year without him.

This time, actress Elsie Kelly will be working double time – she’ll also be playing Noreen’s twin Doreen, who arrives in Benidorm to cause trouble.

Elsie has previously starred in Crossroads and The Famous Five.

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In series four, Noreen traded holidaying with her son for taking a break with her daughter Pauline, played by Selina Griffiths.

She was going through a messy divorce and developed a drinking problem, but Pauline has stuck around as a Benidorm regular and will be taking her usual trip this series.

Griffiths has starred in The Smoking Room, Psychobitches, and Cuckoo.

Kenneth Du Beke

Kenneth first entered the Benidorm scene as a new holiday companion for Gavin, but soon became a businessman in the resort with his own hair salon at the Solana.

Actor Tony Maudsley has appeared in The Job Lot, Eyes Down, Sleepy Hollow, and Vanity Fair.

Sam Wood

Series four saw the arrival of serial holidaymaker Sam Wood, who has returned to the resort many times in the six years since, now working as a holiday rep.

Actress Shelley Longworth has had a long career in children’s TV, with series such as The Octonauts, Footy Pups, and Noddy in Toyland.

Joey Ellis

Joey is back at the Solana having joined the programme in series eight.

He originally appeared as a friend of former character Tiger and despite attracting trouble and embarrassment wherever he went, quickly became popular with the regulars.

Nathan Bryon who plays him has also appeared in Some Girls, and wrote episodes of CBeebies series Rastamouse and Apple Tree House.

Jacqueline Stewart

Another character to have stuck with Benidorm since the very first series is Jacqueline, who first appeared as a middle-aged swinger with her husband Donald and who had been holidaying there for 20 years.

Actor Kenny Ireland, who played Donald, passed away before series six but Jacqueline has continued to return to the Solana year after year.

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Janine Duvitski has also starred in Waiting For God, One Foot in the Grave, The Worst Week of My Life, This is Jinsy, and children’s series Old Jack’s Boat.

Monty Staines

Series 10 sees loveable conman Monty become a series regular, and it opens with wedding bells on Monty and Joyce’s wedding.

However, all does not go to plan as the happy couple have to contend with seasickness, bird poo, and a truly awful best man’s speech from Mateo.

Actor John Challis is best known for his role as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses and its spin-off, The Green Green Grass.

The Dawsons

Sheron (Julie Graham), Billy (Steve Edge), Jodie (Honor Kneafsey), Rob (Josh Bolt) and Eddie (Bobby Knutt) all return as the Dawson family making their regular pilgrimage to Benidorm.

This time, Sheron and Billy will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary while on holiday. Kate Fitzgerald will also return as the family’s man-eating cougar granny, Loretta Chase.

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Julie Graham starred in At Home with the Braithwaites and The Bill, Steve Edge featured in Phoenix Nights, Josh Bolt starred in Last Tango in Halifax, Kate Fitzgerald is known for her role in Brookside, and Bobby Knutt’s previous credits include Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

New faces


There’s romance in the air for Rob Dawson, who will arrive on holiday this year with new girlfriend Cyd – but can she hack Benidorm and its regulars?

Cyd is played by newcomer Laila Zaidi.


Joey’s mate Tiger has now departed the world of Benidorm, leaving an opening for the hapless builder’s best friend – who in series 10 will be Callum.

He’s played by Julian Moore-Cook, another new actor.

Guest stars

As usual, the cast list is heaving with famous faces who want in on an episode or two of the hit sitcom.

In series 10, look out for comedy duo Hale and Pace as investigators Dennis and Nigel who are snooping around Lesley, as well as another double act, The Chuckle Brothers.

Speaking about their cameos in the series, the Barry Chuckle told I Talk Telly: "We're a magic act and I play The Great Crostini who’s the magician and Barry plays Co, the assistant.

"They get asked by Monty to perform in Neptunes, although I have a feeling that they actually knocked it up together just to get the work as magicians. Wait until you see Barry as Co, you’ve seen nothing like it!"

He added: "Tony Maudsley had just done pantomime with us in Nottingham which is where we first met Derren Litten, the writer. He came to see us and it was the first time we’ve met him. But we got on great with him and he said 'I'll write you into an episode' and we thought fabulous and here we are!"

Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley will perform at Joyce and Monty’s wedding, Nigel Havers is back in his recurring role as manic dentist Stanley Keen, and so is Shane Richie as psychotic entertainer Sammy Valentino.

Fans of the show will know that Monty is always bragging about almost having signed T’Pau in the 80s, so they’ll relish the moment lead singer Carol Decker turns up.

Episode 8 preview

The chips are down for Monty - Joyce has sacked him and he needs a job.

Kenneth wakes up in Blow & Go to find builders have inadvertently bricked him in. Will his incarceration send him over the edge before Liam, Jacqueline and Sam can get to him?

Benidorm airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV.

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