Benidorm – where is the ITV comedy filmed?

Discover the real-life holiday locations used for the hit sitcom.

If you’re a huge fan of the ITV series Benidorm, why not pay a visit to some of the most famous filming locations?

The Solana might be a fictional hotel, but the place where it is filmed is a real holiday resort and is surrounded by instantly recognisable scenes from the show’s 10-year run.

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Get to know the places where the cast and crew spend their time while they’re filming the popular comedy.

Where is the Hotel Solana?

Benidorm viewers will know that most of the programme’s action is set at the Hotel Solana, with storylines featuring the resort’s staff and holidaymakers.

The Solana as we know it might be an invention of the show’s makers, but filming does take place at a real hotel that you can book a holiday at.

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It is the three-star Sol Pelícanos Ocas in Benidorm’s Rincon de Loix district, which is actually made up of two separate hotels - Sol Pelícanos and Sol Ocas.

Guests staying at the beachside destination can use either of the hotels’ five pools, two buffet restaurants and five bars, kids club, pool games and exercise classes.

However, you won’t see the famous reception area or Kenneth’s Blow and Go hair salon as they are both filmed at purpose-built sets close by.

If you stay at the Sol Pelicanos Ocas you’ll recognise the building’s exterior and pools, but when you unlock the door to your room it may be different to what you’d imagined as the room interiors are filmed in the neighbouring Acuarium II Apartments. 

What other Benidorm locations are used for filming?

Hoping to catch up with Mateo at Neptune’s bar?

The boozer is not actually one of the hotel’s areas in real life, but you won’t have far to travel for a drink as it’s actually filmed at Morgan’s Tavern which is across the road from the Sol Pelicanos Ocas.

Remember Madge Harvey’s upmarket villa in earlier series? It was located in the nearby picturesque town of Altea which is worth a day trip.

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Holidaymakers in the programme have also visited the Aqualandia water park, and flamenco show venue Benidorm Palace has made an appearance, too.

Some of Benidorm’s beautiful natural locations have also featured in the series, including Levante Beach and Peacock Island.

Where is Benidorm?

Brits have been flocking to Benidorm since the 1960s for the sun, sea and sand in the Spanish resort.

The town is in the Alicante province of Spain, in the heart of Costa Blanca and on the Mediterranean coast.

Benidorm is about a two-and-a-half hour flight from London.

Benidorm series 10 begins on Wednesday, February 28 at 9pm on ITV.

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