Bride & Prejudice on Channel 4: When is it on? What's it about? Who are the brides and grooms?

The Channel 4 documentary presents some of the most fraught weddings you’re likely to see.

Most people have had a boyfriend or girlfriend their families haven’t been too keen on, and it’s a rare wedding that doesn’t feature at least one grumpy relative.

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But Channel 4 has filmed a whole new level of disapproving in-laws for its series Bride & Prejudice, which explores the trials that six couples have to go through in order to get married.

Find out more about the show and who it features.

When is Bride & Prejudice on TV?

The documentary series is six episodes long and can currently be seen on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

What is the series about?

The course of true love rarely runs smoothly, as the six couples starring in this documentary series have unfortunately discovered.

Over six episodes, we meet each of the pairings that have caused uproar amongst their families for a range of different reasons.

Some are frowned upon for an age gap, others for cultural differences or for being same-sex couples, but all are hoping that their nearest and dearest will eventually support them to happy ever after.

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Weddings are stressful enough what with worrying about venues, seating plans and dresses without having to battle against the prejudices of family members.

Will the happy couple be accepted by both sides of the family? Will all of the marriages go ahead? We find out in each episode of the documentary.

Who are the couples in Bride & Prejudice?

Rob and Simon are deeply in love and planning their wedding – the problem is that Rob’s parents refuse to believe that he is gay.

Shaaba and Jamie (above) are facing opposition from Shaaba’s family, as her Mauritian mum is struggling to accept that she is marrying someone white and transgender.

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Age is the issue for John, 59, and Dee, 24 – the bride’s grandfather cannot accept that his grandson-in-law will be 35 years older than Dee.

During the series, we’ll also meet couples trying to convince their families that class and religious differences are no obstacle to romance.

Bride & Prejudice continues on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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