Britain’s Got Talent 2019: Who is in the live semi-finals? Who is in the Grand Final? Find out which acts are performing when

There’s a winner somewhere amongst this list of performers.

Britain’s Got Talent’s live shows are back for 2019, and by the end of this week of competition the fans will have crowned their winner.

Whoever wins gets to perform in front of the Queen at The Royal Variety Performance, as well as bagging the hefty sum of £250,000.

Find out all you need to know about who the semi-finalists are, and which nights they’re performing on.

Monday, May 27

Rosie and Adam (Rollabatics)

The acrobatic roller skaters had hearts in mouths with their incredibly dangerous routine, so we can't wait to see whether they can hold their nerve in the semi-final.

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The Haunting

Spooky magician Elizabeth gave Amanda Holden the fright of her life in her sudition - who will be her victim in the next round?

Dave and Finn - Finalist

The judges love a dog act, but this pair took things to another level. Not only can Finn perform magic tricks, the faithful pooch saved policeman Dave's life and nearly lost his own by jumping in front of an armed criminal.

Khronos Girls

Not only are this London-based dance group incredibly talented, they also use their routines to share a feminist message and to educate their audience.

Akshat Singh - Golden Buzzer

Ant and Dec's choice of Golden Buzzer act was this inspiring teen from Mumbai who shows off his dancing talent while sharing his body positivity.

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Tony Rudd

Impressionist Tony had the judges in stitches with his Star Wars and Minions voices, making use of a range of household items to transform his voice.

Flakefleet Primary School - Golden Buzzer - Finalist

David Walliams' Golden Buzzer choice was so joyous it brought the judges to tears. Fans of the show will be looking forward to seeing the schoolchildren having the time of their lives again.

Brian Gilligan

Former West End performer Brian is desperate for another shot at fame after going through family tragedy, and surely his voice is enough to get him back on the stage.

Tuesday, May 28

The Queen

Audiences loved the royal impressionist, and surely Her Majesty would be the perfect act for The Royal Variety Performance?

Guy First (State of the Fart)

Simon Cowell admitted that Guy would be his son Eric's favourite act, but he had all of the adults in stitches too with his hilarious fart-noise performance.

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Vardanyan Brothers

This is one of the most dangerous acts we've ever seen on BGT, as the brothers not only balance upside down on each other, but also on a small post held in the mouth of the brother on the ground.

Siobhan Phillips - Finalist

Amanda and Alesha were particular fans of Siobhan's comedy song about life as the mother of a young child, full of clever and funny lyrics.

Giorgia Borg - Golden Buzzer

Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer choice is this young Maltese singer who was just 10 when she auditioned, but wowed with a mature performance of a song she'd written herself.

Matt Stirling

Magicians are getting a good showing in this year's contest, but Matt's act stands out for being packed with dangerous stunts during his movie-themed audition.

Faith Tucker

Welsh teen Faith was a huge surprise as a talented, accomplished opera singer with an incredibly expressive stage presence.

4MG - Finalist

It's set to be a magical evening as trickster four-piece 4MG are also on the bill. Last time, the teens impressed with a mind-boggling card trick.

Wednesday, May 29

Angels Inc.

The all-female Netherlands dance group impressed at their audition with a routine that kept magicking up more dancers every few seconds.

Rob King

Singer Rob was a hit at the Manchester auditions, where he can usually be found working behind the bar at the show venue.


The performance group showcased their singing, dancing and piano-playing talents all in one short audition, so what will they manage to pack into a semi-final?

John Archer

Comedy magician John gave us a different spin on the many super-serious magic acts in this year's show and was loved by the judges and audience.

Chapter 13 - Golden Buzzer

Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer act is a teen band who met while they were starring in School of Rock in London's West End.

Colin Thackery - Finalist

Chelsea Pensioner Colin brought a tear to the eye of many with his beautiful singing in tribute to his late wife.

Gomonov Knife Show

A knife-throwing show is always going to have an edge of danger, but this Belarus duo stepped things up a notch when they invited Simon Cowell to take his chances in front of the blades.

Kojo Anim - Golden Buzzer - Finalist

Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer choice is also up tonight - the comedian has had many years on the circuit, but is he about to hit the big time?

Thursday, May 30

Duo A&J

Aerial performers Duo A&J had the judging panel collectively holding their breath as they performed their dangerous acrobatic routine hanging from the ceiling.

Lil Icons

The child dance group’s energy-packed performance included a mini Bruno Mars, Madonna, Spice Girls, and even Ant and Dec – and they’ve promised some more big names for the semi-final.

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Graeme Mathews

There’s another comedy magician on the bill in Thursday’s show, memorable for his funny routine that almost saw Amanda Holden soak herself with a pint of water.

Mark McMullan - Finalist

In this series we haven’t seen quite so many singers as previous years, but Mark McMullan will be back to showcase his incredible vocal range on Thursday.

Jimmy Tamley

Comedy ventriloquist Jimmy made fools of David Walliams and Amanda Holden by involving them in his act, and has promised something so unique for the semi-final that he’s not even been able to road test it in gigs.

Kerr James

Another remarkably good singer taking part in the fourth semi-final is Kerr, who may be only 12 but has the deep, soulful voice of a much older artist.

Ben Hart - Finalist

Magic has been in the air for every semi-final so far, and now it’s the turn of “Victorian magician” Ben to prove that he has the edge over all of the other similar acts.

Ursula Burns

Harpist Ursula is one of the series’ most memorable acts with her provocative playing and unusual performance style – will she manage to make the judges blush again?

Friday, May 31

Barbara Nice

Everyone's favourite comedian of the series had audiences completely confused as to whether this was just her real personality, or a brilliantly honed act.

Fabulous Sisters

Britain's Got Talent loves a dance troupe, and the Fabulous Sisters certainly knew what they were doing when they picked out their name - check out their incredible footwork.


Extreme tambourine performer Gonzo is the sort of act that you'd only ever find on this show, but with Simon collapsing into giggles every time he steps on stage, will he be taken seriously?

Jacob Jones

Last time we saw Jacob, he was having the best day of his life - not only had he just got four yeses from the judges, but he went on to get a fifth when he proposed to his girlfriend on stage. Let's hope the singer manages to continue his success.

Jonathan Goodwin - Finalist

You'll never see a stunt act quite so terrifying as Jonathan Goodwin's, as he managed to free himself from a burning jacket while hanging upside down. We're almost too scared to watch what he's going to do next.

Leanne Mya

Singer Leanne possibly had more people rooting for her than anyone else on the show this year - she showcased her beautiful voice after overcoming tragedy as one of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

X - Finalist

Magician X may not have spoken or shown their face, but they proved an incredible psychic connection between Ant and Dec by showing one of them could feel the other being touched. We'll have to wait to see who they'll show a bond between this time.

Libby and Charlie

Child dancers Libby and Charlie showed a talent and professionalism that performers twice their age would be proud of, and on top of that they're best friends.

Grand Final – Sunday, June 2

It all comes together in one variety act extravaganza on the Sunday evening, when the acts who’ve been voted through each night do battle for the winner’s crown.

Of the eight acts who take part in each semi-final, two will go through to the Grand Final making 10 finalists to look forward to on Sunday.

Each semi-final, viewers will vote for their favourites and the act with the most votes will progress straight to the final, while the judges choose between the second and third placed acts to pick who will join them.

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After Monday's semi-final, we know that the first two acts through to the Grand Final are Dave and Finn, who got through on the public vote, and Flakefleet Primary School, who were chosen by the judges.

On Tuesday, 4MG won the public vote and Siobhan Phillips was put through to the final by the judges.

Wednesday’s semi-final saw popular Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery get through on the public vote, while the judges chose comedian Kojo Anim to join him on Sunday.

Going through on Thursday were public vote winner Ben Hart, and judges' choice Mark McMullan.

Friday night saw magician X win the public vote and Jonathan Goodwin picked by the judges to complete the bill for the Grand Final.

Britain’s Got Talent’s live week starts on Monday, May 27 at 7.30pm on ITV and continues at the same time each night.

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