Britain’s Got Talent: 5 must-watch acts from the launch show

Here’s what we think will be the stand-out moments from tonight’s BGT premiere.

Intro: Britain’s Got Talent is back for an incredible 11th series with all four judges – Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon – ready to shed tears, find a star and push their buzzers.

Here are the five must-see moments that everyone will be talking about this Easter.

1. Ned Woodman

Ned Woodman

It takes a lot of nerve to make fun of four of the most famous judges in the world, especially when they’re sitting in front of you before a live audience. And this is exactly what 8-year-old aspiring stand-up comedian Ned Woodman does.

While he may look sweet and innocent, he is far from shy when it comes to calling out the judges and properly taking the mick out of their personas – much to the delight of the crowd.

2. The Missing People Choir

We challenge you not to squeeze out at least one tear after watching The Missing People Choir sing their moving tribute to their lost ones.

A choir made up of family members of missing people, their song “I Miss You” isn’t just a heart-wrenching tear-jearker but is also promoting an incredibly worthwhile cause.

3. Mahny and her dog Robbie

Mahny and her dog Robbie

Ever heard of doga? We hadn’t either until now. Mahny is a proud yoga instructor who has coined and developed “doga” which is yoga you can do with your dog. Yes, with your dog. Mahny hilariously demonstrates how you can incorporate your dog (ideally a small one) into a yoga session.

4. The judges dogs

After they are left somewhat speechless by Mahny and Robbie’s extraordinary doga demonstration, the judges along with presenters Ant and Dec decide to get their dogs out and give doga a whirl for themselves.

Much hilarity ensues, and seeing David Walliams reaction when a dog relieves himself on his rather expensive looking shoes is worth a watch alone.

5. Niels Harder

Niels Harder

Wacky Dutch magician who’s apparently endorsed by Uri Geller (is that a good thing these days?!) Niels Harder wraps up our list.

While you probably won’t find yourself watching the best magic tricks you’ve ever seen, you will see an eccentric performer who’s not afraid to shake what his mama gave him to Beyoncé as he demonstrates his “magic.”

Britain’s Got Talent is back tonight on ITV at 8pm.

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