Britain’s Got Talent: RSPCA investigating Marc Metral's 'talking dog' act

Marc Metral’s act wowed the judges, but the animal rights charity has concerns.

Simon Cowell was blown away by Frenchman Marc Metral’s ventriloquism dog act on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, but the show is facing criticism today from animal rights groups.

The RSPCA has already said that it is investigating Metral’s act, which involves him appearing to duet with dog Wendy in a musical performance.

The charity has concerns that the act might have involved “a muzzle or a mask” on the dog that could potentially have caused distress for the animal.


A Britain’s Got Talent spokesperson insisted that the show takes the welfare of their animal acts “incredibly seriously” and pointed out that Metral had over 25 years of experience in working with animals.

It has not been confirmed how the act worked, but it is expected to be similar methods to those used by an act on America’s Got Talent.

Dog ventriloquist Todd Oliver appeared on the US version of the show and used a remote controlled mouthpiece to make it look like the dog was speaking.


Former Britain's Got Talent winner Ashleigh Butler, who triumphed with her pet dog Pudsey, admitted on This Morning today (April 13) that she had concerns about the act.

Butler said that if the animal was wearing a mask it could be making it pant, commenting: "I was unsure about it."

After Metral's performance, Cowell was mesmerised and told the Parisian: “I don’t know how you taught her to do that but it’s incredible.”

Amanda Holden told the performer: “You’re making TV history here.”

Britain’s Got Talent’s premiere episode was ITV’s most-watched show of 2015 so far with over 10 million viewers tuning in.

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