Broadchurch series 3: All the suspects – Who raped Trish Winterman?

The ITV crime drama has got the nation talking again – but with the suspects piling up, who do you think is guilty?

David Tennant and Olivia Colman’s DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy have got their work cut out in Broadchurch series 3.

The duo’s investigations into the attack on Trish Winterman are throwing up fresh suspects every single episode with the seaside village packed full of horrid men, all with plenty of motive and terrible alibis.

The Chris Chibnall eight-part drama has had our heads spinning since episode one, so here is a quick round-up of all the suspects so far…

1. Ian Winterman – Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson as Ian Winterman in Broadchurch series 3

Trish’s ex is either guilty or very unlucky, because Ian has behaving like a guilty man from the outset. He’s refused to give a DNA swab, he’s been furiously cleaning the clothes he was wearing at the party and he’s pleaded with Jim Atwood to give him an alibi after he ended up blind drunk and passing out.

He fobbed off Miller and Hardy with a story about sharing a drunken taxi ride home, but how much longer will that story hold?

If that wasn’t enough evidence, he’s also panicking about some “stuff” on his laptop that he needs his former pupil Leo Humphries to remove for him. His panicked facial expressions suggest that it’s more than a dodgy search history he’s hiding.

Creeping into your ex-wife's house while she's sleeping is also a big no-no for anyone trying to look innocent. Whatever is on that laptop will be key to his guilt of innocence.

One tiny fact working in his favour is the arrival of the Laura Benson case. If Ian is guilty, it is likely to be motivared by control over his ex-wife. Would he have done the same thing when he was still happily married?

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2. Jim Atwood – Mark Bazeley

Mark Bazeley as Jim Atwood in Broadchurch series 3

The mechanic’s own wife doesn’t even trust him, so he’s got to rank pretty high on everyone’s suspect lists.

He’s got fishing equipment and condoms, which would match evidence found at the scene, and Mark Bazeley has been perfecting his shifty every week.

It was revealed in episode four that he has been having a passionate affair with Trish and that he slept with her on the morning of the party. His dalliances explain his wife's attitude, but does it clear him from the suspects list?

His whereabout during the final hours of the party are still unknown, so we wouldn't rule him out just yet.

We also saw his violent streak when he was taunted by Lucas, who saw him having an 'intense' chat with Trish outside the party.

3. Ed Burnett – Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry in Broadchurch series 3

Grumpy, teetotaler shop owner Ed has most viewers on the fence currently. He’s clearly going to be a key suspect, but his scrapping with Jim Atwood at the party actually endears him to us.

However, he revealed a terrible attitude to rape victims when questioned by Miller and Hardy and the fact that his daughter DC Katie Harford is one of the investigating officers has yet to be revealed. What did she warn him about in episode 2?

The band-leader at the party said that Ed had a look like he “wanted to kill someone” at the party, which was unfortunate wording. Was his anger about his scrap with Jim or did he have something else on his mind?

The shop owner showed how his switch can flip with his attack on Jim, which may be behind images of his arrest and police interviews from episode 6. However, if his anger is because of unrequited love with Trish, does that not rule him out of the attack?

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4. Clive Lucas – Sebastian Armesto

Sebastian Armesto as Clive Lucas in Broadchurch series 3

Miller and Hardy’s prime suspect in the opening episodes – and therefore probably innocent of this crime at least – is taxi driver Lucas.
He has a secret drawer stashed with items hopefully found in the back of his cab. However, one of those items was a locket with an image of Trish and her daughter Leah. We suspect his sordid secret may be a relationship with Leah, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he could be guilty of raping Trish.

He’s lied to the police repeatedly, his vehicle was spotted at the venue on the night of the party with no lights on and nobody inside. Plus, he’s got previous when it comes to allegations of sexual assault from a passenger.

Trish admitted that she once knocked back Lucas after a date. Did he take revenge in the most disturbing way possible?

5. Leo Humphries – Chris Mason

Chris Mason as Leo Humphries in Broadchurch series 3

The arrogant and smug fishing shop manager has a very weak alibi – eating a kebab with his girlfriend – and he’s clearly got some suspicious IT skills that Ian Winterman utilizes.

Pictures of scantily clad women scattered around his office suggest that he’s not got a great attitude with the female sex, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he knows something or someone involved in the attack. He knows Lucas, so could they be in this together?

The blue netting on the football posts that Chris supplied for the beach match alos looked very similar to the twine found near the waterfall.

Oh, and of course there's the small matter of a football sock found at the venue, matching his team's kit. How does he explain that one?

6. Arthur Tamworth – Richard Hope

Richard Hope as Arthur Tamworth in Broadchurch series 3

The owner of the house, where the Atwood’s held their party and Trish was attacked has only made the most brief appearances so far.

However, his comments about the waterfall where Trish was attacked ("nobody can hear you") and unusual decision not to inform the police of a missing cricket bat at the property have raised eyebrows about his potential role in the story.

The surprising find of a football sock at the venue - somehow missed by the police - is also handy for throwing another suspect under the bus. Could Arthur be toying with the police.

7. Tom Miller – Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson as Tom Miller in Broadchurch series 3

We’re not sure we could bear the pain for poor Ellie Miller if this theory turns out to be true. However, a number of fans believe that young Tom might have attacked Trish and that his pornography addiction has turned him into a sexual predator.

Has he turned into his father’s son? Olivia Colman will be working her cry-face overtime if he turns out to be guilty.

8. Chaz the Cook – Charles Babalola and Alex the Music – Alex Hopkinson

The fact that neither the  cook nor the band leader, who were both questioned by Hardy and Miller in episode 3, have been given proper names on the cast list, mean we’re writing them off from our suspects list. Let’s hope we’ve not been too hasty.

9. Aaron Mayford - Jim Howick

Jim Howick in Broadchurch series 3

Jim Howick, best known for his work on comedies such as Peep Show and Horrible Histories, shocked viewers with his nasty and creepy appearance as convicted sex offender Aaron Mayford.

Aaron still denies that he was guilty of raping a woman in a hotel room, but his behaviour with PC Katie Harford makes it hard believe there's any truth to his excuses.

Aaron claims that he was fishing alone on the night of the party, which is just about the worst possible alibi for the one local man on the sex offender's register in the area.

Despite his wife confirming that Aaron was lying about catching mackerel, the third rape case puts him in the clear because he was behind bars at the time of the attack. Is he just an evil man and in this instance, not the guilty man?

10. Rev Paul Coates - Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill in Broadchurch season 3

It's a longshot, but some one elabourate theory is that the vicar did it? We're not quite sure we believe the lovable Arthur Darvill could be guilty of anything, but he is one of the few suspects that connects series 1 and 3, which could tie the story to Mark Latimer's revenge on Joe Miller.

We know that he used to have a booze problem, so is the whiff of alcohol on the culprit a sign of a possible relapse for the man of the cloth? And he has been very angry in series 3, even swearing at Mark at point. Is he really just struggling to fill the church with numbers or is there something else stressing him out?

Who do you think is guilty? Have your say in Comments below.

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