Broadchurch series 3 episode 4 review: Suspects, clues and 10 talking points – Who raped Trish Winterman?

The list of possible suspects extends further as the case of Trish Winterman grows even more complex and confusing for Hardy and Miller.

For a small seaside village, Broadchurch contains a lot of horrible men.

The list of suspects for Hardy (David Tennant) and Miller (Olivia Colman) is growing every single episode, with every single man they interview doing their very best to win the prize for Dorset’s biggest plonker.

We already knew about the nasty philandering taxi driver Clive Lucas and shifty fishing shop owner Leo, but we can a couple more names to the top of the horrid suspects list.

A return to Axehampton and the scene of the crime for Trish, a feisty beach football match which conveniently involved all the suspects and some shock confessions and revelations that left our heads spinning and scratching off all the notes so far in our detective notebook.

10 burning questions from episode 4 of Broadchurch:

1. What’s on Ian’s laptop?

Broadchurch episode 4

Charlie Higson is giving a brilliant performance as the flustered and suspicious ex-husband Ian. Determined to get hold of his old laptop from Trish’s house, Ian clearly fears the worst if the police manage to get hold of it.

He wanted Leo Humphries to get rid of “that stuff”, but agonisingly, we’re still no closer to finding out what he’s worried about.

Maybe he’s just got a really embarrassing search history?

2. Is the missing cricket bat significant?

If there was a sex attack on your property would you consider a missing cricket bat worth reporting to the police? Doddery old Arthur (Richard Hope) made his second appearance on the show this week to reveal a wheelbarrow of items that had been collected up his wife after the party and the police search.

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Arthur admitted that one chunky piece of old willow was still unaccounted for, which might explain the blow to the back of the head that Trish remembers.

However, using a random item at the party does suggest that the attack wasn’t as pre-mediated as Hardy and Miller previously believed.

3. What is the real relationship between Ed and Trish?

Broadchurch episode 4

Is it just us or is Lenny Henry’s Ed Burnett’s relationship with Trish far more than professional? At least from Ed’s side, it sounds like he has a real soft spot for his long-standing employee.

What we need to learn is whether his feelings were reciprocated and if not, whether that caused any resentment?

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten about D.C. Katie Harford’s (Georgina Campbell) family connection with Ed yet either. How much longer can it be before Miller and Hardy find out the truth?

4. Was Trish and Jim’s relationship just a one-night-stand?

Broadchurch episode 4

The clues were there in the past three weeks – Jim has been straying from from Kath and he’s had at least a one-night-stand with Trish.

The dodgy mechanic was the man who Trish slept with on the morning of the attack, who she refused to name. Whether there relationship was about more than one night of passion remains to be seen.

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The revelations suggests that Jim is pretty low down the suspects list, however, Kath’s reaction to this news will probably have a big impact on the rest of the series.

5. Suspect No. 457: Is Aaron Mayford guilty of more than being a horrible man?

Research from Hardy and Miller’s team threw up one sex offender, recently released and living in the local area.

Aaron Mayford, played in terrifyingly evil fashion by the always superb Jim Howick, was convicted of rape and the attack had several similarities with Trish’s case.

Mayford claims that he was out fishing on the night of the attack (Does everyone in Broadchurch own a fishing rod?) and still denies that he’s guilty of his previous crime – he alleges it was a consensual, dark night of passion with a married woman.

His sinister and sexual threats to DC Katie Harford, who he spotted not very surreptitiously parked outside his front door for the evening, suggest that Mayford’s pleas of innocence are way off the mark.

That doesn’t necessarily make him guilty in Trish’s case, no matter how convenient it would be to get him back behind bars.

6. What is really going on with Clive and Lindsay Lucas?

Lindsay Lucas (Becy Brunning) is aware of her husband’s cheating, but her religious beliefs mean that she is refusing to break her wedding vows to the bed-hopping cab driver.

But what is really going on the Lucas household? Lindsay wasn’t aware of her son Michael’s (Deon Williams) involvement with the sharing of pornography and Michael is burning up insider with anger about his step-dad.

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Whether you believe this family drama is connected to the Trish case is probably down to your conclusions about that key-ring belonging to Trish in Clive’s drawers.

7. Is Hardy the worst Tinder date of all time?

Only a man who looks like David Tennant could get away with a Tinder date as bad as Hardy’s cringe-worthy hook-up. We were watching the disheveled detective’s blunders through our fingers.

On the subject of Hardy, his dedication to work means that he’s clearly missing something serious going on in his home life. His daughter is distressed and ‘the boys’ who were looking for her last week have clearly been up to no good. Let’s hope there isn’t a heartbreaking ending for the old detective – it might just finish his troublesome ticker off.

8. Did Sarah really send the threatening texts to Trish?

Broadchurch episode 4

Ian’s new girlfriend conveniently strutted onto the scene as he was beginning to sweat under questioning from Hardy and Miller.

His new partner revealed that it was her who sent the abusive text to Trish, using Ian’s bank details to pay for it. She claimed that she didn’t know about the attack when she sent the message, but if that’s the case, what the message a reference to?

Could she have been covering for Ian?

9. Was Trish’s attack being filmed?

Trish’s revelation at the crime scene that she remembers a bright light coming from the direction of the cottage looks likely to be key to cracking the case.

However, could Hardy’s suggestion that it was actually a phone or a torch be on the money? It would add weight to the theory that Ellie’s son Tom might be involved in some way and that there is a connection between the X-rated videos he’s sharing at school and Trish’s case.

10. What is the connection between Laura Benson and Trish Winterman?

Call centre-worker Laura Benson (Kelly Gough) provided the final twist in this evening’s episode as she revealed that she is also a rape victim, but she never reported it.

Laura felt compelled to speak to Hardy and Miller after reading about Trish’s case in the paper, recalling that the same method of being tied up and gagged was used on her.

Will it be the same criminal in both cases? Is there any connection between Laura and Trish or any of the suspects? Frustratingly, we’ll have to wait until next Monday to find out.

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