Broadchurch series 3 episode 5 review: Who raped Trish Winterman? All the clues, theories and burning questions

The case is growing more complicated, but Hardy and Miller’s suspect list finally seems to be narrowing.

After five episodes of Broadchurch series 3, Chris Chibnall’s multiple storylines, twists and sub-plots appear to finally be tying together.

We’re still a long way off discovering who raped Trish Winterman, but after the latest episode, it’s starting to feel like suspects are being scratched off rather than added to our notebooks.

Here are our 10 burning questions after the latest twists and turns on the Jurassic Coast:

1. How many rape victims are there?

Laura Benson

Trish Winterman, Laura Benson and another anonymous female all have disturbingly similar stories. They were all raped in the Broadchurch area, out in the open and were tied up and gagged. There are other possible similarities with the use of a sock and the smell of alcohol on their breath.

Writer Chris Chibnall used the stories of Laura and the other female victim to highlight the amount of rape cases that never even make it to the police. “I know what happens to women like me,” cried Laura, who refused to be publicly judged for wearing a short skirt and having a drink.

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The possibility that the Trish’s rapist is a serial offender turns Miller and Hardy’s case on its head as they had previously been working from the angle that it was a pre-determined attack. Is that likely to still be the case with three or more women?
The dates for the three cases also mean that some suspects can be ruled out now…

2. Is Aaron Mayford in the clear?

Aaron Mayford

Jim Howick’s creepy sex offender Aaron Mayford is guilty of many things. He’s a serial liar, he’s got some horrible porn in his car and his behavior with Harford and Miller was misogynistic and sinister.

However, the new revelations about multiple attacks could put him the clear with the cases of Trish and Laura. He has connections from his IT work with both women’s employers, but the dates of the third attack clash with his time in jail.

3. Do you feel any sympathy for Cath?


“Why would someone rape you? It just doesn’t make sense.” Sarah Parish delivered her confrontation with Trish with plenty of bile and venom, immediately stripping away any sympathy we had for Cath Atwood.

Her husband may be a philandering, no-good rotter, but her feelings for Trish after the affair was revealed were cold, calculated and harsh.

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Jim’s threat to Trish at the seaside initially sounded like he was threatening repercussions if she told Cath. But was it actually a warning to her about what will happen if she crosses his wife?

4. Why does Ian really need a caravan?

Last week, the shifty teacher was getting a rock solid alibi from his new girlfriend. However, he’s now being kicked out and is chasing a caravan to shack up in as soon as possible.

Why has he been dumped? Is there another reasons he wants a private caravan for a few nights?

And perhaps most importantly, why is he breaking into Trish’s house in the middle of the night. What can possibly be on that laptop that makes it worth the risk?

5. How far does Ed’s crush for Trish go?

Working on the assumption that Ed has a huge crush on Trish, which is either unnoticed or unappreciated by his employee – could that infatuation have tipped him over the edge.

We saw Ed’s dark side this week as he brutally beat up Jim Atwood and there are still plenty of secrets we don’t know about the shop owner.

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Why does nobody know who his daughter is? Why did he hate Jim even before the Trish revelations? Why is he permanently grumpy?

6. What are the two other favours Leo’s girlfriend has done for him?


The sleazy footballer has a watertight alibi, but his girlfriend’s scripted response to Hardy and Miller was so pre-prepared they were never going to fall for it.

So where was Leo really on the night of Trish’s attack if he wasn’t sharing a romantic kebab? And what are the other two favours his girlfriend has done?

Leo also clearly knows Lucas and has used his cab services previously. What is the significance of their link?

7. What was Jim’s “intense chat” with Trish about at the party?


Jim got feisty with Lucas when the cheeky cab driver brought up what he saw outside the party. What was Lucas hoping to achieve by winding up the mechanic? And did Jim’s violent response reveal a side to him that he would prefer the police not to see?

8. Who shared the compromising pictures of Daisy Hardy?

Hardy’s daughter had her phone stolen and explicit photos of her were shared around the entire school. It was a heartbreaking revelation for the detective who has always placed work above his family.

It could also potentially loop in with the Tom Miller storyline. How would Ellie cope if her own son had been the one who was posting pictures of Hardy’s daughter?

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We didn’t spot it the first time, but Michael Lucas (Deon Williams) was one of “the boys” who came knocking for Daisy. He was the other boy caught sharing images with Tom, so it feels like the two detectives lives could be about to clash.

9. Would you leave a football sock at a crime scene?

Firstly, how did the police miss the sock at the crime scene in the first place? Secondly, it’s incredibly careless of the criminal to leave such a massive piece of evidence behind.

Are we the only ones still suspicious about the property owner Arthur Tamworth, who mysteriously found the item this week? It all feels a little too convenient.

The football sock places Leo firmly in the frame as the guilty party, but could his teacher Ian have got hold of the item from his pupil?

10. What is Mark Latimer going to do to Joe Miller?

Are we the only ones who really don’t care what happens to Joe Miller or Mark Latimer? Mark has tracked down his son’s killer and he’s now working as a security guard.

Mark has been insisting that he won’t rest until he gets justice for his son. Has he really travelled all that way to tell Joe that he wants to mount another legal case against him? Or is he planning something much more disturbing?

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