Broadchurch series 3 on ITV: David Tennant and Olivia Colman reveal show secrets

The two stars spill spoilers about the return of Miller and Hardy in the ITV crime drama.

The third and final series of Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday, February 27 with David Tennant and Olivia Colman teaming up again as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller.

Writer Chris Chibnall takes a different path for the new series with a sexual assault case impacting on the Dorset community and bringing Hardy and Miller back together on a new case.

Tennant and Colman have revealed what we can expect when the hugely successful drama series returns.

David Tennant on the end of Broadchurch...

David Tennant

"It is sad to think we will never return to this world and to these characters because I feel so fondly towards them but I will always feel proud to be associated with this show.

"There is a massive personal legacy having worked on this show… we all feel like we have been doing something very special and that we are all a part of each other’s lives now so I’ll miss seeing people every day but hopefully I will see them fairly regularly.

“I will certainly miss Chris’s scripts but I look forward to watching them elsewhere and I hope it won't be the last time we will work together."

On the first script for series 3...

“It was clearly very beautifully researched and realised and it was touching and intriguing; a page turner and funny in places but gripping to read.  It was the same world but telling a different type of story and a sense that Chris Chibnall has been able to very fully realise this world again and that it was somewhere you were very happy to be back in."

On Alec Hardy in series 3…

"It's a few years down the line and some stuff has happened in the interim which we will find out as the series unfolds. At the end of series two we didn’t know if he was getting in the cab or not… turns out he did but he has found his way back to Broadchurch and has found his way to be working with Ellie again and although he is never entirely happy with his lot he realises that this is probably where he is meant to be and that Ellie is the closest thing he has to a best friend.

"So there is a sort of acceptance to him, he is not railing against the world in quite the same way. What he ends up railing against is the perpetrator of this crime and that becomes, as it always has been, his focus, and his focus then becomes trying to understand the person who would commit this crime, trying to get inside their skin and that is something that he struggles with initially.”

Broadchurch cast

David on the new cast…

“That’s always been such a joyous part of it. Olivia and I get the privilege of working with everyone because of the way it is structured. We will interview everyone that the case touches so we have this extraordinary treat of working with this range of brilliant actors and quite different types of actors who are equally brilliant and unique. On this series there are some old friends of mine from other jobs and some people I had not met before and we have been thrilled with them all."

On the magic of Miller and Hardy…

"It’s hard to be objective about something that you are that close to and I wouldn’t pretend to know why things necessarily work. I suppose Olivia Colman is a pretty significant part of it, she certainly has been for me, getting to work with her for all of these years and having had such a great time with her professionally but also having such a laugh, it has been such a joy to be part of that partnership."

"I think certainly Chris wrote two characters that made perfect sense and worked very well together and Olivia certainly brought Ellie to vivid life from the first moment she opened her mouth so I have been quite lucky to be on their coattails I suspect."

Olivia Colman on the Miller and Hardy partnership…

Oliva Colman and David Tennant

"Chris Chibnall has written them brilliantly. They are really good mates - possibly each other’s only mate. They need each other and it is quite funny, a bit like watching the old Hinge and Bracket; like old ladies always having a go at each other.

"It really helps that David and I get on so well. You can sort of tell that Hardy and Ellie like being together because David and I like spending time together, it makes it much easier. I will miss working with David, if we could stand next to each other on set every day I would be so happy. We giggle, he is never late, knows all of his lines… he is a dream person to work with."

On Miller at the start of series 3…

"We discover that her dad is living with her after her mum has passed, but I think she is finding family quite annoying. She is on her own so her dad’s help is great but her son… it’s not easy at the best of times for a teenager but he knows what his dad was put away for, so it's pretty hard and he is becoming a bit of a pain in the backside.

“So it’s all quite trying for Ellie and I think it is probably quite nice for her to be at work."

On Miller and Beth Latimer’s relationship…

“It’s amazing, that friendship, considering what happened. They just really need each other. They can’t bear what’s happened but it is a miracle that Beth is still able to love Ellie, it makes her an incredible person. It’s not Ellie’s fault and she knows that. They look after each other as well.

"I am so pleased they’re friends because I know Jodie and I found it really hard hating each other last series."

On the important subject matter in series 4…

"I had done some research previously for other jobs and I feel quite passionate about Refuge, domestic violence against women and children, and Tender which is the charity that hopes to teach people when they are young how to avoid situations when they get older. So I have become passionate about all of these issues…violence against each other and that ties in with sexual assault obviously.

“I’m really pleased to be a part of this story and it’s amazing how people don’t know how common this is. People need to know, I think.

Broadchurch series 3 - David Tennant and Olivia Colman

On the work of Dorset Rape Crisis….

“We had a policewoman and a woman from Dorset Rape Crisis who were amazing and it was really humbling, what they do I know I couldn’t do but I am in awe of them. Thank God they are there. I hope they are happy that we have shown what they do because they are so poorly funded it’s going to be a shock to people when they realise that these people are volunteering to do the hardest of jobs. There’s no applause or awards show for them.

"We have to do whatever it takes to stop this happening. We need to put everything we can into teaching and helping people to repair the damage. People have a right to be themselves and not to feel scared."

Broadchurch series 3 starts on Monday, February 27th at 9pm on ITV.

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