Dame Vera Lynn celebrates 100th birthday: Stars pay tribute to "living legend"

The singer reaches the landmark birthday on Monday.

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Last updated:20 March 2017 - 11.51am

Broadcaster Eamonn Holmes has joined celebrity well-wishers in congratulating “living legend” Dame Vera Lynn as she celebrates her 100th birthday.

Dame Vera, who reached the milestone on Monday, was a source of inspiration for soldiers and their loved ones during the Second World War thanks to her uplifting songs.

During her early 20s she earned herself the name of the Forces’ Sweetheart after she travelled long distances, often at great personal risk, to entertain troops and provide them with messages of hope.

Dame Vera Lynn.
Dame Vera Lynn (Zak Hussein/PA)


Stars from across the world of showbusiness offered messages of congratulations to the singer including television presenter Gloria Hunniford who called the milestone “fabulous”.

She told the Press Association: “Dame Vera, we’ve met a lot of times over microphones.

“I’m so thrilled that you’ve hit that 100 mark, I didn’t doubt it for a minute.”

To celebrate her 100th birthday, Dame Vera released an album on Friday featuring new re-orchestrated versions of her most beloved music alongside her original vocals.

Dame Vera turns 100 in March (Decca Records/PA)
Dame Vera turns 100 in March (Decca Records/PA)


It is thought the collection made Dame Vera the first singer to have released a new album as a centenarian.

Of the album, Hunniford said: “I like the idea that you go on having compilation hits, 90, 95, 100″, adding: “I send you much love, and I wish you well and please God we’ll see you soon.”

Actress Lesley Joseph said: “Dame Vera you are a complete star and congratulations it’s a wonderful, wonderful achievement.”

Dame Vera Lynn: Happy 100th Birthday is available on BBC iPlayer and BT TV Catch-Up.

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