Dancing On Ice: Alex Beresford – Who is he? Contestant profile

All you need to know about the weather forecaster and Dancing On Ice 2018 contestant.

Name: Alex Beresford

Age: 37

Why is he famous? Weather and TV presenter.

Professional partner: Brianne Delcourt

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What he said:

When Beresford’s name was announced, he said: "I literally started training on Tuesday so I'm at the beginning of my journey. I'm actually finding out who my partner is after this show so I'm really excited. I've wanted to do this show for ages. It's been the biggest secret I've ever kept."

Where have you seen him before?

Beresford is the man who’ll tell you whether it’s barbecue weather or if you need to get out your winter coat – he’s one of ITV’s regular weather forecasters.

He is a familiar face on Good Morning Britain, and also made appearances on the show’s predecessor, Daybreak.

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Added to that, you might have seen him presenting some of the broadcaster’s freak storm documentaries, The World’s Weirdest Weather and Britain’s Most Extreme Weather.

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Dancing On Ice returns to ITV in January 2018.

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