Dancing on Ice romances - celebrities who found love on the ice

As Brianne Delcourt announces her fourth skating romance, who did love blossom for on the skating show?

Having been thrown together for long hours of training and working through intimate routines, it’s no surprise that some Dancing on Ice pairs become more than just skating partners.

Skating pro Brianne Delcourt and her 2020 celebrity partner, Irish footballer Kevin Kilbane, have already announced they are a couple, confirming the news a week before they even skated live for the first time.

Brianne has now chalked up her fourth romance that began on the show, and she's far from being the only skater to have found love in the training rink.

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It might not quite have the hit rate of Strictly Come Dancing when it comes to matching couples (or perhaps the show just keeps its secrets a little better), but there have been some high-profile love stories from the ice.

Read on to find out who hooked up and broke up thanks to the skating competition.

Brianne Delcourt and Kevin Kilbane

The series had barely even got going in 2020 before it's first couple confirmed that they were together.

Skating partners Brianne and Kevin did a photoshoot and interview with OK! magazine where they announced that they had fallen for each other, with the pro saying the footballer was "my person".

Kevin told the magazine: "There was an attraction with Brianne the first time I met her. But it was way more than that. Everything clicked."

Brianne has been linked to a number of other celebrities on the show (more of which below), but gave a nod to her past when she added: "There is no comparison of Kevin to the guys I used to date. He’s perfect and my best friend.”

Brianne Delcourt and Danny Young

Canadian skater Brianne Delcourt (above front right) has had her fair share of relationships from the show, but her more high-profile dating debacles have overshadowed the first time she coupled up with a celebrity.

Her first year on Dancing on Ice saw her get together with colleague Frankie Poultney’s skating partner Danny Young (above back left).

The Coronation Street actor even moved in with Brianne, but their romance fizzled out after the live tour ended. However, the couple did briefly reunite around eight months later, after her next Dancing on Ice fling…

Brianne Delcourt and Sam Attwater

Usually, couples who get together during a TV contest try their best to keep the story out of the limelight, but what happened between Brianne and Sam remains a bit of a mystery.

The EastEnders actor was Brianne’s second Dancing on Ice celebrity partner and they wasted no time in publicly announcing that they had fallen in love.

But scenes showing Brianne and Sam enjoying a Valentines date together during training had to be axed when they were accused of conducting a showmance to get attention, with pictures emerging that seemed to show Sam kissing another of the programme’s skaters - who was married to a fellow show pro - as Brianne looked on.

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He insisted that the photos had just captured a few seconds of joking around and that the kiss had never happened, but did admit that he and Brianne had decided to call an abrupt end to their relationship so as not to distract viewers from their skating.

Brianne and Sam eventually won the series, but fans were left wondering how many of their photos in bed together, declarations of love, and couples’ magazine shoots had been real.

Brianne Delcourt and Matt Lapinskas

Showing her taste was pretty much exclusively skating soap stars, Brianne also got into a relationship with Matt, the EastEnders actor who she was partnered with for series eight.

It was a controversial coupling as Matt was already in a relationship with his Albert Square co-star Shona McGarty, so he and Brianne batted aside any rumours that they were an item.

After the show finished, they announced that they had got together but stuck to the story that it hadn’t been until Matt became single.

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The pair moved in together, but when Matt was spotted with a new theatre co-star, a heartbroken Brianne dished the dirt on what their real history had been.

She told The Sun: "He pursued me behind Shona’s back. Lots of people warned me but I didn’t listen.

"I’ve stood by and lied for him about when we got together as I loved him and didn’t want to hurt Shona."

Brianne now has a three-year-old daughter and has referred in the past to a fiancé, but has never revealed who he was and she was single by the time she met Kevin in the 2020 series.

Vanessa Bauer and Wes Nelson

The 2019 runners up were heavily rumoured to be in a relationship, with tabloid headlines about Wes's break-up with his Love Island co-star Megan Barton Hanson fanning the flames.

Wes and Megan were still together when the series began and she dutifully sat in the audience supporting him, but not long into the run stories emerged of their split.

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Megan was said to be jealous of the time Wes was putting into training and his ever-closer relationship with pro skater Vanessa, and the reality TV stars released a tongue-in-cheek statement confirming they were no longer together.

In one routine, a camera angled behind Wes and Vanessa's heads appeared to show them kissing, but they have never confirmed a romance.

Whether they were dating or simply committed training partners remains a mystery.

Sylvain Longchambon and Jennifer Metcalfe

Another pro skater who’s caused some controversy after falling for soap star contestants is Sylvain Longchambon.

He and Hollyoaks star Jennifer were together for around two years after being matched on the show, but things turned sour when Sylvain got a new celebrity partner from soapland.

Jennifer later told The Sun on Sunday that she had been dumped on Christmas Day by the Frenchman, saying: “It's like death. I felt gutted. It was the worst Christmas ever.”

While Jennifer is now a proud mum to baby Daye with her partner, ex-Geordie Shore star Greg Lake, Sylvain’s public betrayal rumbled on through the series ahead…

Sylvain Longchambon and Samia Ghadie

Coronation Street’s Samia and Sylvain’s relationship is one of the most successful to come out of a reality show, as they’re now married and have a child together.

But the hurt ran deep in the Hollyoaks cast after his treatment of ex Jennifer Metcalfe in the run-up to becoming a couple with Samia.

In the 2014 All Stars series, it somehow seemed a good idea to pair Sylvain with Jennifer’s Hollyoaks co-star and good mate Jorgie Porter, who couldn’t resist a dig at him.

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A training video showed her saying of her partner “Does that mean I’m going to be his girlfriend?” and “If he doesn’t try it on with me, I’ll be really angry”.

It prompted Samia to tweet: “Jorgie needn’t worry, Sylvain doesn’t go for burgers”, which kicked off a row between cast members of both soaps as well as former contestant Kerry Katona.

This year, he’s been matched with Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring.

Frankie Poultney and David Seaman

Ex-England goalkeeper David Seaman and programme regular Frankie Poultney were never actually skating partners, but met when they did the live tour together in 2008.

Both had recently left their marriages and David’s dreadful skating skills – which included dropping a partner on her face – did nothing to put Frankie off.

In 2015, the couple married in a ceremony full of Dancing on Ice colleagues that included Jayne Torvill Matt Evers, Vicky Ogden and Suzanne Shaw.

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