I’m A Celeb: Viewers angry at 'bully' Dennis Wise over treatment of Iain Lee

He accused Lee of "playing a game".

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Last updated:07 December 2017 - 10.08am

Ex-footballer Dennis Wise has been accused of bullying his I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! campmate Iain Lee.

Wise and the comedian clashed on Wednesday night’s episode as Lee volunteered to take on the bushtucker trial.

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The seven remaining celebrities were asked to nominate one person for the Tutankha-Doom trial which would see them work through a tomb filled with cockroaches, scorpions, crocodiles, snakes and other critters.

As Lee attempted to throw his hat in the ring for the task, Wise told him: “My only problem, and I’ll be honest with you Iain, is that you’ve said ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ twice and what I don’t want to do is we have no dinner.”

While Lee clarified he had only withdrawn from one trial and collected 11 stars on the other, Wise added: “If you come back with nothing everyone will be upset.”

Dennis and Iain make up (REX/Shutterstock)
Dennis and Iain make up (REX/Shutterstock)

“I get it, you don’t want me to do it, I withdraw my offer. Does that mean I can do no trials for the rest of the run then? Is that what you’re saying, because that feels a little bit unfair,” Lee replied.

A tense stand-off ensued as Wise accused Lee of “playing a game” and told him to stop pulling faces.

They eventually shook hands as their fellow celebrities watched on awkwardly.

Viewers on social media labelled Wise a bully over the incident.

@NadiaSouth1969 posted on Twitter: “Dennis Wise is a bully. Sit down & wind your neck in Dennis.”

@MonkeyKezza wrote: “Really don’t like Dennis’ attitude. That isn’t fair on Iain at all. Not liking these bully boy techniques. They’ll be beating their chests soon. Iain has every right to give it another go.”

@Meichanxo tweeted: “Iain isnt making you look bad dennis, you’re doing that on your own.”

@Mairead_Hi posted: “Can Iain talk at all? He is a grown man suffering from mental illness he has been open about, you’re making yourself look bad Dennis BULLY.”

@YasminStefaniee backed Wise to be booted off on Wednesday night’s show, writing: “Can’t wait for dennis to come out tonight, get slated for belittling iain and see what the public think of him.

“Haven’t agreed with the use of the word bully in regards to how they’ve treated iain so far but i’m seeing it tonight rn,” they added.

Actor Jamie Lomas was eventually chosen to do the trial.

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